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   Chapter 821 Arrogance

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Zen rolled his eyes at the group of ogres who were like small mountains. These guys went all out to force him to fight. He could only shake his head, thinking how shameless they were.

They were just ogre war fighters. Why did they want to get themselves killed in this way?

He indifferently looked around at the ogre war fighters who all looked fierce. Since they wanted to give him the Lucky Light, he found no reason to reject them. He was intending to accept their challenge.

Just then, a blue-black ogre appeared behind the war fighters.

Though the ogre was smaller in size than his clansmen, he possessed commanding presence. His eyes shined with a cold light and were abnormally sharp. When his gaze swept across, it even gave off the feeling of a sharp knife cutting through the faces.

He was only a war general, but with his sharp and imposing demeanor, he could easily make others feel suppressed with such great pressure. Even Zen didn't escape from sensing that kind of feeling as he let out a slight trace of surprise.

"Get out of the way," the war general said coldly.

As the ogres who tightly blocked the road saw the war general behind them, fear and reverence appeared on their faces.

"It's Elder Boris! Get out of the way!"

"Don't push me! Greetings, Elder Boris."

The ogres quickly dispersed, opening up a path for Boris. In no time, Zen found himself facing the thin war general. He was glad that he already knew his name Boris from the ogres.

Boris walked ahead, fixing his cold gaze on Zen. "You are a human, but you are not an ordinary war fighter."

"What does that have to do with you?" Zen stared at Boris and asked, not afraid at all.

"Not only do the ogres want your life, the Giants, the Orcs, and…" Boris's gaze fell on Phoebe, who was standing behind Zen, and he continued with a slight tinge of surprise, "And the Demon Night also wants your life. We have dozens of ways to kill you, but I think the best way is to kill you in the arena. I'm waiting for you on the tenth floor. I hope you don't run away or stay here all the time."

Hearing what Boris spouted, Zen chuckled to himself. When his smile faded, he calmly responded, "My only purpose of coming to the Tower of Sin is, of course, to enter the higher floors. As for at which floor you are waiting for me, it has nothing to do with me. And there is no need to pointedly tell me that because you are not that strong enough to impress me."

Zen's words made the faces of all the ogres change drastically.

It was true that Boris was only a war general, but his status among the ogres was even higher than that of many war lords.

The ogres possessed two sacred places on the Sea God Continent, the Flaming Ogre Sacred Place and the Dread Ogre Sacred Place. Boris happened to be the most powerful talent in the Flaming Ogre Sacred Place. But it didn't mean that he was not up

nd. Since she was smartly sensitive, with just a glance, she instantly understood what Zen meant. She revealed an elegant smile and kept her distance. Right now, he needed to practice.

Phoebe had given him a lot of help, but she couldn't always follow him for the sake of his sword spirit, Lily. She was not inclined to know everything about Zen, but the information about her queen was too important, so she kept on following him.

After keeping a certain distance from Phoebe, Zen found a secluded spot. He sat down cross-legged. He then raised his head to look at the sky. The sky was filled with stars, which were embedded in the night sky, connecting with each other, forming a silver pillar.

"Can we start now?" Zen asked.

"Not bad. This is a very suitable place to cultivate the Stellar Body," the red dragon responded.

As soon as the red dragon's voice fell, countless profound characters and information appeared in Zen's mind.

"Although the second half of the Stellar Body is lost, the first half has recorded its general principles. As it says, the first step is to activate the star power. As the saying goes, everything is difficult at the beginning. Activating the first star power is the most difficult. You don't have to succeed the first time, but you can try it first," the red dragon said faintly.

It was not so easy to cultivate Transcendent Divine Might.

At the time, when the red dragon grasped the Stellar Body, his cultivation had already reached a point that was difficult for Zen to understand. However, it had taken him a full five years to comprehend the Stellar Body.

Zen did not say anything as he sat on the ground, quietly digesting the information in his mind.

Two hours later, the stars in the sky had already quietly shifted their positions to a certain distance. Only then did Zen abruptly open his eyes. A sharp light shone out from his eyes as he looked towards the sky.

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