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   Chapter 820 Block The Way

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Danger lurked in every corner but Zen was not afraid.

The Tower of Sin was a relatively safe place.

It had its own set of rules and wasn't affected by the Cursed Land.

Here, fighting was strictly prohibited and regulated except in the arenas.

Any dispute, whether it was between mortal enemies or entire opposing races, had to be settled in the arena. Anyone who broke the rules and engaged in any fighting outside the arena would be hunted down and dealt with by all other races.

Phoebe led him to a decently spacious hall, "This is the living quarters. The practice rooms here can be rented for a day with a few points. This one here is the most ordinary practice room but there are some pretty exclusive, secret ones that can cost up to 100 points per day."

Zen raised an eyebrow, "A hundred points a day?" he repeated. He had won two matches but had only accumulated a total of 20 points which was nowhere near enough to afford a more expensive room.

Phoebe shrugged, "You heard what I said. The time flow rate in one of those practice rooms is ten to one."

Zen's eyebrows were raised higher. "Time flow rate? What's that?" he asked curiously.

Phoebe sighed and felt the need to explain to Zen.

The only way to change the speed at which time flowed was through the use of Time Law.

After he was baptized, Zen had gained the comprehension of the nine different basic laws in the Upper World. However, there was one law that he had not understood and that was the Time Law.

If one were to use a metaphor: time was the king, and space was the ruler - these two law powers were essentially the most powerful ones in the world. The Dragon Lineage Human did not have the Time Law's obelisk because they didn't have a master who had fully comprehended it.

A practice room that altered time flow pleased Zen greatly.

Time was running out.

If he worked hard and obtained enough points, he would be able to enter the more expensive practice room and use it for his training. One day inside it would be equivalent to ten days of training on the outside world. One year would be equivalent to ten years. It was amazing!

Still, Zen was more concerned about the Time Law.

"You said there are all sorts of cultivation methods here in the Tower of Sin," he said to Phoebe. "Are there cultivation methods that are related to the Time Law?"

"I know some of them, but…" Phoebe trailed off, avoiding Zen's eyes. "But what?" Zen pushed further.

Phoebe answered him with a small smile instead, "You won't meet them by staying on the first floor. You'll have to go deeper."

"Humph," Zen huffed. "How can I get to the next floor?"

Phoebe shrugged once again. "One hundred points." The reply made Zen think: since he hadn't encountered any great difficulties on the first ground and the war fighters weren't much of a threat to him, it wouldn't be too difficult for him to get 100 points.

Nodding, Zen dropped the subject. He had no plans of entering the next floor for the time being. He st

actice room, Phoebe immediately went up to Zen, "Breakthrough?"

Zen merely nodded in reply.

"Will you go to the arena again?"

Phoebe couldn't help but ask.

"Not now," Zen answered, deciding to wait outside the Tower of Sin to see if he could channel the power of the stars there.

"Is that so? There are already several groups of people waiting for you here…"

Phoebe's voice died away as six to seven ogres appeared out of nowhere and blocked their path.

"Human kid…" one of them addressed Zen condescendingly.

Zen groaned, "I don't have time for this!"

He interrupted and refused before the ogre even had the chance to finish his sentence.

"No time?" the ogre scoffed.

"You don't get to choose, human."

The other ogres laughed at his words but Zen wasn't having any of it.

"Do you want to make a scene here?" he asked menacingly.

"They won't fight with you in here but they can block your way out," Phoebe said with a smile.

The rule about fighting in the safe zone might be strict but that didn't mean there were no loopholes they could exploit.

One of the most common methods was the use of death soldiers, sending them off for assassination. No matter if the target died, the death soldier would die anyway. A failed assassination would be impossible to be traced back to the mastermind while a successful one meant that the death soldier actually served out his very purpose and killed a talent from another race.

However, Zen's strength had been enough to save himself from those death warriors.

Another method was to carry out provocation and if that didn't work, then the simple strategy of being a huge blockade in the hallway also existed.

Narrow roads divided the living quarters while ogres were tall, stocky monsters with bald heads that nearly touched the ceiling. If provocation didn't work, then a simple blockade would prevent anyone from ever going in or going out. Although it was annoying, they weren't really necessarily breaking any kind of rule.

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