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   Chapter 819 A Dark Horse

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Behind Zen stood a level nine ogre war fighter. He wore red armor and held a giant blood-colored axe in his hand. His expression was cold and grim, as if he wanted to devour Zen.

In the Tower of Sin, those of the same race usually formed an alliance. That was the only manner in which they were able to monopolize the resources in the tower.

When a talent showed up, the other races would send their elites to kill him or her while he or she was still young.

The Tower of Sin was like an accelerated world in its own right—a place for the talents to better themselves. If left to train well and without restraint, they could rise to the ranks as fast as lightning.

Zen's first show of power was shocking.

The ogres were one of the top three forces in the Tower of Sin. How could they be willing to let Zen go?

Zen had originally walked to the edge of the arena, but when the provocation from the ogre fell on his ears, he drew back the foot he had just raised.

He knew that the Lucky Light in the Tower of Sin was different from that of the Dragon Soar Arena. Each race had its own secret technique. However, since the Lucky Light in the Tower of Sin could also increase one's cultivation level, Zen naturally had to obtain as much of it as he could.

In addition, the malicious aura was equally important to him.

Since entering the Sea God Continent, he had killed dozens of ogres and accumulated quite a bit of the malicious aura.

The ogre Borgan, whom he had just killed, had an abundance of malicious aura inside of his body. It was the perfect opportunity for Zen to add on to his malicious aura.

The "Malicious Wheel of Life and Death" was indeed an extremely powerful cultivation method, but because of the scant amount of malicious aura he possessed, he could only use the "Exterminating Wheel." If he wanted to continue cultivating, he would need more of the malicious aura. In the past, he hadn't had many chances to obtain it.

If he could get his hands on both the malicious aura and the Lucky Light right here, he'd be fortunate.

Zen turned around and smiled, "I accept your challenge."

The level nine ogre war fighter laughed out loud. "Very good. My name is—"

"I'm not interested in knowing your name," Zen said quickly, the smile on his face vanishing.

"Why not?" the ogre asked, always a bit slow of mind.

"Why would I care? You are to die soon."

Just as Zen said this, the forceful energy within his body erupted, his figure vanishing from where he stood.

Although the ogre war fighter was slow-witted, he was not slow in movement. The moment he saw Zen disappear, he raised his axe in a swift motion.

However, he had only raised it halfway wh

lifications do you have to order me around?"

"You! You couldn't live longer than three days in here without the protection of the Purple Heart Sacred Place!" Dylon said in anger. According to him, the fact that he had personally come here from another floor to visit Zen was a great honor. But Zen didn't look like he appreciated the kindness at all. He even had the gall to be arrogant about it!

"How many days I can live should not concern you," Zen said. Without another look, he stepped forward, while Phoebe merely smiled apologetically and followed behind.

After Zen left, Dylon's face was still red with rage. "That brat!"

Dylon's another companion did not agree with the sentiment. "Why are you threatening him? He is indeed very powerful. If he can better himself quickly in the Tower of Sin, he might be able to secure a seat for the human race."

"Are you counting on him? A human war fighter?" Dylon sneered.

"Could you defeat an ogre war fighter when you were once a war fighter yourself? At that time, you wouldn't even have dared to enter the Tower of Sin!" Olivia Xia, a female warrior, shot at him coldly.

"Olivia..." Dylon started, only to be cut off.

"Enough!" Olivia Xia shook her head. "Let's just look on for a while. That female member of the Demon Night seems to be giving him advice. I don't think he would be foolish enough to challenge the warriors he knows he can't defeat. After a while, I'll go and talk to him."

The humans had already taken note of Zen. The other races couldn't fall behind either.

On the first floor of the Tower of Sin, many races were keeping an eye on Zen. The news of him winning the two matches was also being spread through various channels.

Aside from the human race, every other race had the same goal, and that was to kill Zen.

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