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   Chapter 818 A Peculiar Tower

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Phoebe saw the puzzlement on Zen's face.

From his expression, she already knew what was on his mind. So, she smiled and started to explain in detail, "The Tower of Sin is quite a peculiar tower. It seems like a living creature and can absorb everything within it."

"Absorb everything?" Zen's expression became even more puzzled.

"Yes, that's right. Regardless of whether it is blood or something else, anything lifeless will be absorbed by this tower. If you leave a weapon on the floor for too long, it will also be absorbed," Phoebe explained.

"Wait? You mean it can even absorb weapons?" Zen asked in shock.

Phoebe nodded, "Any lifeless object will be absorbed after being placed on the floor for a period. Say, for example, someone died and no one collected his body for a period, it would also be absorbed by this tower as well."

Zen was in awe. But before he could comment further, a milky white light suddenly condensed in the arena and shot into the token hanging on the ogre's chest.

Although Zen was unclear on what exactly that light was, he could sense that it contained extremely pure energy. He felt an attraction to it and had an instinct to snatch that energy and refine it.

"What's that?" he asked.

"It's a reward given by the Tower of Sin. It is called the Lucky Light. Defeating your opponent in the arena will get you the Lucky Light. The stronger your opponent you defeat, the more Lucky Light you will get," Phoebe explained to Zen patiently. "There is a popular belief on the Sea God Continent that the Tower of Sin turns the things it absorbs into the Lucky Light."

"Lucky Light!"

It wasn't the first time that Zen had seen the Lucky Light. He had seen it before in the Dragon Soar Arena. The Dragon Soar Arena had accumulated the Lucky Light for countless years, but most of it had all been absorbed by Zen. By absorbing a large amount of Lucky Light, Zen's cultivation level had greatly enhanced.

However, the Lucky Light in front of him was different from that in the Dragon Soar Arena. The Lucky Light here did not directly enter one's body, but into one's token.

The cyan dragon also discovered the problem and laughed in Zen's mind. "Indeed. With the naked eye, the Lucky Light in the Tower of Sin appears to be the same with that in the Dragon Soar Arena. However, the Lucky Light in the Dragon Soar Arena could enhance one's cultivation level directly, while the Lucky Light here can only be used after refinement."

"I got it."

Only now did Zen understand why the creatures on the Sea God Continent valued the Tower of Sin so much.

Cultivating in the Dragon Soar Arena wasn't that bad, but it needed a long time for the Dragon Soar Arena to accumulate the Lucky Light. Zen was the first to enter the Dragon Soar Arena, and he had absorbed almost all the Lucky Light in it. As a result, the amount of Lucky Light gained by those people who entered the Dragon Soar Arena after Zen was much less.

In this Tower of Sin, however, once you de

Borgan rushed towards him, Zen's hand suddenly moved, and his finger pressed on Borgan's head.


Zen's figure moved slightly to the side, dodging Borgan's massive body. He only took one step aside during the entire process.

People in the audience only saw Borgan's head turning into a cloud of blood. The headless body took a few steps before flopping onto the floor.

People's voices died away and silence reigned.

This bloodshed was nothing new in the Tower of Sin. These bloodsheds would often take place in duels with great disparity in strength.

The creatures were not surprised to see Zen's method of killing Borgan. They were dumbfounded by the fact that he was human.

Humans had many known talents. Otherwise, they wouldn't be considered one of the thirteen great races.

However, human war fighters were far behind the other creatures on the Sea God Continent. Entering the Tower of Sin when a human was still a war fighter was like digging his own grave. As such, almost all the warriors that the Purple Heart Sacred Place sent into the Tower of Sin were war generals.

But this level seven human war fighter was different. Despite his level, he had defeated Borgan with only a finger.

This surprised most of the creatures in the Tower of Sin. It was something they had never seen in many years.

The dead silence was broken when the creatures began to whisper among themselves.

The blood of the ogre war fighter slowly seeped into the arena, and a milky white light suddenly appeared shooting into Zen's token.

After being infused with the Lucky Light, this ordinary metal token began to feel heavy.

'Immortal Mist is right. The Tower of Sin is indeed a good place to quickly increase my cultivation level. But it's also not easy to enter the bottom of the Tower of Sin, ' Zen thought to himself as he stood in the arena.

Just as he was about to walk off, another burly figure walked up into the arena. "Kid, do you want to leave after you just won?"

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