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   Chapter 817 A Fierce Battle

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Suspicions regarding the Tower of Sin clouded Zen's mind once again.

Now he understood why the immortal Mist had told him that he couldn't go to the Tower of Sin. That was because Mist's strength far surpassed that of a warlord in this continent. According to the rule, he too would be cursed to dearth in this Cursed Land.

The killing power of the Cursed Land had actually intimidated someone as powerful as the immoral Mist. It was unbelievable!

Speaking of this, what was the connection between the Cursed Land and the Tower of Sin? Why would they appear on this continent? These were just some of the many questions Zen had.

"Actually, this is what the Tower of Sin is like. It has always been flipped upside down ever since it appeared. There's nothing strange about that!" Phoebe explained, "Actually, only a small part of the Tower of Sin is above the surface; most of it is buried deep beneath the ground." Phoebe smiled.

How could anyone build a tower like that?

It was a huge tower and it wasn't possible that it was built by digging a huge pit and then constructing floor by floor.

Most probably, someone had grabbed the tower and inserted it deep into the ground by hand! Somehow, this strange thought suddenly popped into Zen's mind.

Of course Phoebe didn't know what was going on in Zen's mind. She only told him what he needed to know before entering the Tower of Sin.

As they approached the Tower of Sin, they met more and more creatures.

In fact, the Tower of Sin was surrounded by a small town. In the middle of the Sea God Continent, which was usually filled with battles and massacres, the small town appeared exceptionally serene. This was because the Cursed Land was a place where no one could fight and all kinds of races coexisted peacefully.

Phoebe brought Zen into the small town, and they soon found themselves in front of a building which belonged to humans.

"Every race has a registration center where you have to go and get a token before you can enter the Tower of Sin," Phoebe told him. "This is the registration center for your human race."

When he saw that several human cultivators were coming in and out of the building, Zen walked in without hesitation.

In the center of the lobby he had entered into, there was a huge table where a human cultivator was sitting by. According to the ranking of strengths in the Central Region, this human cultivator would have been classified as an Internal Elixir Realm warrior. But in the Sea God Continent, he was known as a war general.

When the human war general saw Zen, he smiled scornfully. "Don't tell me a human war fighter of the seventh level wants to enter the Tower of Sin as well!"

"What's the problem with that?" Zen asked with a frown.

"I admire people with great courage. But believe me, what you are doing right now is the same as courting death. Even if you're a genius from the Purple Heart Sacred Place, you will only end up dead if you enter the Tower of Sin," the human war general calmly replied.


Tower of Sin?" Zen could clearly see that the majority of cultivators, including the ones in the arena and those among the spectators were war fighters, and none of them was a war general.

"That's because you're a human," Phoebe giggled. "This is very common in this place. Human war fighters and war generals are usually weaker. Back when I entered the Tower of Sin for the first time, I was a war fighter too. But no one ever told me not to enter the Tower of Sin!"

Zen's eyes revealed surprise. Were humans so weak in this godforsaken place?

The battle on the arena was finally winding down.

It was a battle between an ogre and a short but very robust orc.

Both of these creatures had cultivated the body refining method. When their forceful energies burst out, they crashed head-on! With every collision, the audience would erupt in shouts and cries. The eyes of the two creatures in the arena were bloodshot with a determination to kill. They were using a completely barbaric way to fight, a hand-to-hand combat!

In the end, the ogre war fighter finally gained an upper hand and with a fierce strike of his elbow, he knocked the orc unconscious. Then he grabbed his enemy's body and tore off his head with pure, brute force.

Blood spurted out like a fountain and got splashed all over on the arena.

The audience seemed to have gotten used to such bloody scenes and in fact, it seemed to make them even more excited. "Borgan! Borgan! Borgan!"

Borgan was probably the name of that ogre war fighter. He casually waved the head of the orc in his hand and roared, "Who else dares to challenge me!? Challenge our ogre race! You load of trash of low races!"

His words provoked an uproar from the audience. On one hand there were cheers from the ogre race, and from the other side came angry curses of other races.

Zen wasn't too bothered about such provocations. However, he did notice that the blood stains on the arena soon disappeared. What was going on? Zen stared at the arena with a puzzled glance.

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