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   Chapter 816 The Cursed Land

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Zen's body had come to the limits. He distanced himself from the three ogre war lords and stared at them vigilantly.

But the thing that made Zen curious was that when the three war lords saw the scene before them, their expressions changed.

"Why is it here?" one of the war lords shouted.

"It's going to be trouble," another war lord said as he stared at Zen coldly.

The three strong war lords glared fiercely at Zen, but none of them charged at him.

Zen's body tensed. He had been ready to fight to the death at any moment, but now he was filled with doubt. Why weren't the ogres attacking?

The incandescent light in the transmission array suddenly came back on. Phoebe, the girl from the Demon Night walked out of the transmission array. Her intelligent eyes swept across the scene around her, and with graceful steps, she walked past the three war lords towards Zen, completely ignoring them.

Zen's confusion increased as he saw this scene.

The girl was only a war general, yet she was indifferently confident in front of war lords.

The girl strolled leisurely towards Zen, looking at his perplexed eyes with a smile. "You're wondering why they aren't making a move. Am I right?"

Zen nodded.

Phoebe extended a hand, splaying her fingers and gestured. "This is the center of the Sea God Continent, the land where all beings are cursed. Those who attack here will be cursed to death. So…" The girl turned around and stared at the three war lords with a smile. "That's why they don't dare to make a move!"

"Cursed Land?" Zen's eyebrows went up.

"That's right," Phoebe laughed. "No one can make a move in the Cursed Land. Furthermore, if a warrior above a war lord steps into the Cursed Land, he will also be killed by the curse."

"A warrior above a war lord?" Zen asked, his breath catching.

A war lord was as strong as a warrior at the Virtual Tribulation Realm, and a warrior above a war lord was as powerful as someone at the Life and Death Realm. Even a Life and Death Realm warrior could be killed by a curse. The Cursed Land was much more terrifying than what Zen had imagined.

"Yeah," Phoebe said, nodding. "The transmission array is actually a trap to trick war sages into entering the Cursed Land and then use the power of the Cursed Land to kill them. But it's a pity that these three are only war lords. Or they would have already been killed by the curse."

Zen was stunned.

The chaotic continent, or the Sea God Continent she spoke of, was odd.

Zen wasn't from the Sea God Continent, so he didn't know the history behind it.

Ever since the Cursed Land was set up in the Sea God Continent, countless transmission arrays had been constructed in various places by various races. They had even left special marks on the arrays in order to trap war sa

ll races throughout the Sea God Continent.

Humans belonged to one of the thirteen great races. They had established their own sacred place, the Purple Heart Sacred Place, at the northern end of the Sea God Continent.

But of the sacred places built by the thirteen great races, the Purple Heart Sacred Place was almost ranked the last.

Zen had heard from the ogre war lords that the humans of the Sea God Continent seemed very weak. And now, as he heard what Phoebe said, they were indeed much weaker than Zen had imagined.

In the Central Region, the Eastern Region, and the four divine kingdoms, humans were absolute powerhouses. Other races could hardly survive. Yet, they were not the masters of this continent, and this quite surprised Zen.

It wasn't long before he discovered why.

It was because the strongest warriors of the Sea God Continent were all from the Tower of Sin.

There were cultivation resources in the Tower of Sin that exceeded Zen's imagination. They had become must-haves for every race. So the most important thing for every race was to send their people into the Tower of Sin, where they could cultivate and fight for the resources. But war sages were unable to enter the Tower of Sin.

"You'll know more after you enter the Tower of Sin," Phoebe said, watching him with a slight smile on her face. Her goal was to follow Zen until Elder Mei arrived. What she had just said wasn't a secret, so she didn't hesitate to tell him that.

They couldn't fly, so they merely walked on the ground. But as warriors, they could still be extremely fast even if they just ran on the ground. After a few hours of running, Zen finally saw a huge tower looming up ahead of them.

"That's the Tower of Sin," Phoebe said, pointing to a large structure that was now not far away from them.

Zen found that the Tower of Sin was actually inverted.

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