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   Chapter 815 Go All Out

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Whether it was in the Central Region or in this chaotic continent, cultivating soul was the most difficult task for warriors.

Although this ogre war lord was extremely powerful and the ogre race had a secret method of cultivating soul, the war lord Zen was facing hadn't reached the Fighting Soul Realm yet.

The ogre war lord was certain that Zen couldn't destroy his soul as he had a secret weapon, which could protect his soul. But there was still a good chance that Zen might be able to damage his soul, so the war lord was wary of the oncoming attack.

They cautiously distanced themselves from each other.

However, what was even more distressing for Zen was that the other two ogre war lords were coming up...

He gritted his teeth and once again activated the forceful energy within him, which was starting to drain. His body turned into a thin thread once again and whizzed forward.

The situation was very grave and Zen was in a real soup this time.

The Central Region was dangerous, but he had always been able to defeat his opponents with the protection of the Cloud Hall. Although his opponents' cultivation levels were usually one realm higher than Zen's, they were on par in terms of true strength!

But this situation was totally different.

Zen was a seventh level war fighter, but according to the ranking system of the chaotic continent, the war general ranked above the war fighter and the war lord ranked above the war general.

This meant that the war lord was two realms higher than Zen according to the ranking system in this continent. Moreover, there were three ogre war lords fighting Zen right now.

If he was an ordinary war fighter, perhaps, he would have already been killed, but Zen had managed to escape for over a thousand miles with his life vitality and forceful energy working to his advantage at the same time.

But running was never a good solution.

If the three ogre war lords attacked him together, Zen knew he wouldn't be able to deal with them simultaneously.

'What should I do?' he thought desperately. Faced with impending doom, Zen asked the cyan dragon in his mind for help.

"If there really is no other way, I can use my soul to attack and kill them," offered the cyan dragon calmly. "But I'm afraid that after that, my soul will fall into a deep sleep again."

When the cyan dragon had devoured the Owl Beast's evil spirit, his soul got energized. A part of the Owl Beast's soul was used to awaken the red dragon. Zen had used a small portion of that soul to create a soul seed, and the rest was devoured by the cyan dragon. The soul of the Owl Beast's evil spirit was very strong, but it was not enough for the Genuine Dragon.

At this stage, the only solution was, as the cyan dragon suggested, one more soul attack.

But if the cyan dragon went to 'sleep', it meant that he would once again turn into a lifeless statue atop the mysterious furnace.

"No!" Zen rejected the idea the moment the cyan dragon suggested it.

Zen wouldn't be what he was today without t

ng after them.

Phoebe didn't know why the queen would hang around with Zen. She had to figure out the mystery, and so she had followed them.

"But that young man doesn't trust me. He could have run straight to our Demon Night. When Elder Mei arrives, those ogres will all die. Although this guy is only a human war fighter, he runs very fast, so at least he's safe right now." Saying this, she leaped into the transmission array elegantly. The Demon Night creatures maintained their poise under all circumstances.

The transmission array was a small one, capable of sending someone 10, 000 miles away. It didn't take long before Zen passed through this channel and came out the other end.

As the incandescent white light gradually dissipated, Zen saw a desolate world lie in front of him!

All he could see was grey plains. There was no other color and everything looked lifeless in this barren place. It was as if life had never existed here. 'What kind of place is this?' he thought to himself.

Smiling wryly, Zen crushed another supreme life vitality crystal to replenish his life vitality and, at the same time, he prepared to fly into the air.


Just as Zen was about to leap into the air, an extremely powerful force pushed him back down on the ground!

The surge of power was so formidable that it didn't allow Zen to resist in the slightest bit.

"What a powerful restraining force! This is a no-fly ban!" Zen felt a chill in his heart. He was getting more and more confused. Normally, no-fly bans were only used in sects. Why was there such a powerful no-fly ban in this uninhabited land? What the hell was this place?

Just then, a blazing white light flashed behind Zen and three enormous figures popped out from the light. They were the three ogre war lords who had chased him for more than a thousand miles!

Zen's face darkened immediately. Despite using the transmission array, he hadn't managed to escape them. Now the only option for him was to put his life on the line and go all out.

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