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   Chapter 814 Run Away

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The atmosphere was painfully tense.

Those ordinary humans were moving in an orderly manner towards the direction that Zen had pointed to. In their minds, as long as they followed his instructions, they were going to be perfectly safe and no problem could befall them.

The strongest among all the creatures present was definitely the ogre war lord. There were more than twenty war generals from the human race, and two war generals were from the Demon Night. However, even two war generals of the last category were quite powerful and their strengths were not to be looked down upon. In fact, even the ogre war lord might not win if the human war generals and the Demon Night war generals fought together against him.

Therefore, everyone was waiting for the reinforcements behind them.

They all had their own plans in mind, and Zen was no exception.

Zen had met the human warriors, and judging from the looks of the current situation, he could tell that the human warriors on this chaotic continent weren't strong. He wasn't willing to place his life in someone else's hands right now, and even if he was, the human warriors were not a good choice.

As for the Demon Night, although they did not have much of enmity towards him and had even said that they would protect him, they still belonged to a different race. He did not believe that just because his sword spirit was a member of the Demon Night, they would treat him well.

As for the ogres, they weren't going to let him go by any means.

While he was pondering over the current situation, two more huge figures appeared from the direction of the ogre war lord. Even from afar, everyone could feel their imposing manners as their figures grew larger.

The instant the two new ogre war lords appeared, the forceful energy within Zen's body erupted as he shot forwards at a high speed.

Zen's soul was much stronger than the other creatures present, so his reaction was also the fastest.

Only after he had shot out did many of the creatures react.

When the first ogre war lord sensed his companions' aura, a sinister smile appeared on his face. Before he could even say anything to his companions, Zen had run away. His expression darkened, and his body swayed as he chased after Zen.

Zen could not afford his reactions to be slow. Although there were as many as twenty human war generals, they weren't going to be a match for the ogres. As for the Demon Night, there were only two of them. He would be an idiot if he didn't run away right now.

While Zen was escaping, his advantage of cultivating both body and life vitality was finally revealed.

Just now, the forceful energy within his body had suddenly erupted, and his figure had instantly turned into a thin line that streaked across the horizon. In just a few seconds, he had traveled over ten miles.

In addition to the forceful energy, the life vitality within Zen's body was also stimulated as he streaked across the plain, causing his speed to increase again.

This was the benefit of cultivating both his body and life vitality. The forceful energy was suitable for traveling over short distances and it also contained the talent of the Cloud-chasing Lion, which made him even faster. The life vitality was suitable for long-distance flying, allowing him to maintain the high speed he had attained.

In addition, Zen had also activated the e

ide of being a body refiner.

The life vitality system relied on the condensed life vitality from the heaven and earth to stimulate the cultivation method. But, the forceful energy system relied entirely on the eruption of one's own forceful energy. Forceful energy could only be produced by one's own body and couldn't be replenished by anything outside the body.

The higher one's cultivation level was, the faster his or her recovery of forceful energy was.

Since Zen, powerful as he was, was still not very high up in cultivation level, his biggest problem right now was that his forceful energy was soon going to be depleted.

The explosion of forceful energy could cause his speed to increase, but ordinary forceful energy did not increase Zen's speed that much. Only after circulating the forceful energy in his body through the Hundred Meetings Platform could he inherit the Cloud-chasing Lion's innate talent and burst forth with an astonishing speed.

Zen's forceful energy was gradually weakening, and his speed was also becoming slower and slower. However, the speed of the ogre war lords behind him did not seem to be decreasing in the slightest.

Right now, the ogre war lord closet to Zen was only seventy to eighty feet away.

"Well done. You actually managed to give us a chase of over a thousand miles at such a fast speed. You really surprise me, human. But whatever the case, I will capture you and send you to the ogre's sacred place to see just what and how many secrets you have on you." The ogre war lord teased him with a sneer. "Now, stop!"

He waved his fist and launched an attack at Zen.

Right at that moment, the soul in Zen's mind left his body once again. It flew towards the ogre war lord behind him, turning into a sharp thorn that drilled into his head.

Zen's soul could directly exterminate a war general, but he was not very confident that it could do the same when facing the ogre war lord.

In any case, since he was caught off-guard, the ogre war lord got frightened. His speed became slower, and his huge head slightly tilted to the side, avoiding Zen's soul attack.

"A soul at the Fighting Soul Realm?" The ogre war lord's expression was both ugly and astonished. "This human brat really is a freak!"

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