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   Chapter 813 Tripartite Confrontation

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On this chaotic continent, the Demon Night didn't have many members. In fact, they had the fewest lot among all the races.

The Demon Night was an incomparably powerful race in any boundless universe. From the very moment they were born, they possessed the strength of nature creatures. They would be a powerful race even in the Upper World.

Despite their weak numbers, God had been fair to them. The members of the Demon Night were unmatched. Whether it was strength, talent, or even appearance, they were all close to perfection.

However, they had one fatal flaw, and that was their inability to reproduce. Increasing the numbers in their race had proven to be difficult. Otherwise, the Demon Night would have already ruled over this disorderly continent.

The Demon Night was a proud race, but they weren't particularly bloodthirsty. When Zen brought over a group of humans into their territory, they only issued him a warning and had him evacuate their area.

It was precisely because of their pride that the Demon Night rarely cooperated with other races. It was also why the three members of the Demon Night were so shocked at the sight of Zen's sword spirit.

"Let me see it more clearly," said the young lady of the Demon Night holding the bone bow. Her eyes flashed with a pale blue light as her pupils turned the color of the sky. When her gaze fell on Zen's sword spirit, her expression changed.


The word fell from her lips and she immediately jumped down from the treetop. Her nimble figure nestled on a branch. She then knelt down, one knee facing her front.

"Queen?" the other two members of the race spat out, unbidden doubt in their voices when they heard what the young girl said. Their gazes turned to focus on Lily, the sword spirit next to Zen, and the expressions on their faces changed. They knelt on the ground like the girl. Respect shone through their eyes.

After the salutations, the three members slowly stood up. "Phoebe," one of them called out. "Why would our queen appear by the side of a human?"

Phoebe shook her head hesitantly. "I'm not sure. Queen has never said anything about this. This human seems to have many secrets. We shouldn't have stopped him just now."

"He is no match for the ogre war lord. Save him. I'll inform Elder Mei," someone else said.

Phoebe nodded, then flew forward as if stepping on a gust of wind. Like an agile leopard, she continued to step onto the branches of the trees in the dense forest. Her willowy body leaped, the bone bow in her hand already changing directions as she loaded a bone arrow.

Facing the ogre war lord, Zen backed away while allowing Lily, the sword spirit, to fight for him.

Lily wielded the Blood

id as mice. You've long been hiding and cowering. Finally you dare to show your faces?" The ogre war lord did not seem to consider the twenty or so human war generals a threat at all. On the contrary, he seemed more skeptical and nervous of the two Demon Night war generals.

"Well, we are here now, aren't we?" said the silver-haired man indifferently.

Although the area was three-legged, the ogres were the most tyrannical. While the Demon Night did not have any intentions of expanding their territory, the ogres dared not provoke them. Only the humans were the weakest, so they stayed inside their fort.

This particular group of humans had long contemplated whether or not they should lend a helping hand to Zen. After all, it would be a great risk for them. If they angered the ogres, it was very possible that the delicate balance among the three races would be broken.

However, after reporting it to their superiors and receiving the orders, they knew what to do. They had to save the human kid. That was why the human race sent out all their elites—a total of more than twenty people to the forest. Still, they hadn't imagined that the ogres would send over an ogre war lord.

"You, follow them," Zen, who was stuck in the middle of the confrontation, commanded the ordinary humans.

The ordinary humans didn't understand what they were caught between and could only follow Zen's instructions. Once he had given the order, the hundreds of people slowly began to move toward the humans warriors.

They were so slow. If they had not delayed Zen by a few days, he would have already been thousands of miles away.

The ogre war lord stared at Zen. To him, the ordinary and powerless humans were nothing more than a herd of cattle. What was infinitely more important was that Zen didn't go anywhere.

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