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   Chapter 812 The Ogre War Lord (Part Two)

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However, Zen remembered clearly that his speed had exploded right after the forceful energy had shot out a beam of milky white light. So it must have something to do with that milky white light. But what was that?

A deep crater had appeared after Zen had collided with the hill. He stood to his feet and slowly crawled out of the crater. At that moment, the red dragon in Zen's mind suddenly asked, "Ha-ha, oh boy! Feel strange?"

"You know what happened?" Zen asked.

"Yes. A portion of the forceful energy that burst out from your body just now is from the Hundred Meetings Platform," The red dragon replied.

"Does the Hundred Meetings Platform usually have such an effect?" Zen asked in bewilderment.

"The real function of the Hundred Meetings Platform is not to boost speed. It's the function of the Wind Gate Platform, which is one of the Eight Path Platforms," the red dragon explained, "But your Hundred Meetings Platform is made from the bones of the Cloud-chasing Lion. The Cloud-chasing Lion is considered one of the fastest legendary beasts, and its speed is only inferior to that of the Celestial Mouse. So you have benefited from the Cloud-chasing Lion's talent too."

"Really? I never thought that things could work this way." Zen was both surprised and pleased to know this.

To be honest, compared to the life vitality system, there was a great disadvantage in utilizing the body refining system. Although a warrior could, in theory, transform the forceful energy into an entity, but because of its slow circulation speed and due to the fact that it was evenly distributed throughout the whole body, to transform it into an entity was extremely difficult to realize. Even if one did succeed in doing that, it was known to be extremely impractical.

In comparison, life vitality was much stronger and flexible in i

ce for him to escape, but the problem was that he had a group of ordinary humans following him. Zen could, of course, choose to leave them behind, since the lives of these common and ordinary people were not worth mentioning in a world full of powerful warriors. However, Zen was not the sort of person who gave up halfway.

Before Zen could say anything, the ogre war lord had already landed and was rapidly charging towards him, his figure as big as a hill.

As the ogre war lord raced forward and drew closer, Zen watched him get bigger in his eyes. A sense of extreme danger weighed down on him. He suddenly felt his heart tighten. This ogre war lord possessed the strength to kill him and was going to do so too!

In his moment of despair, Zen summoned the sword spirit he had condensed—Lily. In a flash, a beautiful girl popped out from thin air, together with the huge sword that had originally belonged to the Blood Fiend Emperor.

The three members of the Demon Night, who were observing the scene from afar, were suddenly left aghast. One of them was a young lady who was sitting on top of a tree. At the sight of Zen's sword spirit, her eyes became wide as saucers and her mouth was left hanging open in surprise.

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