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   Chapter 811 The Ogre War Lord (Part One)

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Zen had witnessed his family getting killed in a vicious plot and had gone into a state of decline when he was young. The upheaval had left a scar in his mind and he had been unable to find himself for quite a while. However, that did not necessarily mean he had become a cold-hearted man.

To be honest, he had never expected that after comprehending the consummate sword intent, he would, one day, enter the Killing Sword Mountain and set on a path to cultivate in the killing way.

However, even after cultivating in the killing way, Zen had not accumulated too much malicious aura in the Central Region. Because he was not a bloodthirsty man by nature. He never killed his opponent unless the latter wanted to kill him.

However, in this chaotic continent, Zen wasn't too worried about killing his enemies since they were not humans. The ogres he was facing were an alien race and wouldn't have hesitated to kill him.

"Go to hell!"

Zen suddenly pulled out a sword in his hand, which was a sacred weapon. Waves of sword intent swirled in the air as it shot towards the ogres like a flying shuttle.

If one were to compare the bodies of the ogres to that of eagles, then Zen's figure was like a nimble skylark, quickly shuttling back and forth among his prey. He would slightly brush past his enemies and the next moment, they were finished. The ogres fell one after another, hitting the ground with hard, thudding noises, their eyes still wide open in surprise. As they breathed their last breaths, they were all wondering about the human in front of them with puzzlement, trying to understand how a seventh level war fighter could be so strong.

In an instant, half of the hundred or so ogres Zen was facing fell down and bit the dust. And they were not just guard dogs. In fact, the ones who had been killed first were the elites of the ogre

fell to the ground, finished for good.

All the other ogres were transfixed with shock. Right after Zen disappeared before their very eyes, they saw a cloud of dust rise from the hill in the distance.

"That guy... How did he gain such a velocity in an instant?" A human hidden in the forest could not help ejaculating in shock.

"Hush, keep it down. It is indeed very strange. His speed suddenly increased, and even he himself was unable to come to a halt in time," the bearded middle-aged man remarked with confusion written all over his face.

Actually, they weren't the only ones who felt that it was strange. The ogres were also confused, and even Zen himself didn't have a clue about what had just happened.

When the forceful energy had burst out from his body, his speed had increased so much that it felt like he was riding on a storm cloud.

He looked at his body, trying to figure out what had contributed to the sudden increase in his speed. The Phoenix Crystal which was embedded in his arm was no longer of much use for increasing his speed, since he had already achieved a much higher velocity. Therefore, he guessed that it could not have been the Phoenix Crystal that had caused the boost in his speed just now.

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