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   Chapter 810 Kill A War General

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The arrow landed in front of Zen, not because the archer missed his target but because it was undoubtedly a warning.

If Zen and his people continued marching ahead, the next arrow would not be aimed at the ground but at him.

Zen hesitated, considering his options when a large black tree not far away flashed a green light. Then it rumbled, shook vigorously and pulled out its thick roots from the ground, starting trudging towards Zen.

When the others saw this freakish sight, they all panicked and hid behind Zen.

Zen, however, was pretty calm. It was not the first time that he had seen a walking tree. He had seen one on the Cloud Road before, though it wasn't this big.

The big tree came lumbering towards Zen, waved its thick branches, and said in a deep voice, "Human, leave this place. You cannot pass."

It was a warning. Zen would have to change his plans and his route.

Zen's gaze flickered. If it were just him, he would have gone anywhere he wanted. But he was now leading hundreds of people, so he couldn't take a risk.

Suddenly a muffled voice came from behind Zen, "Kid, I think you'd better stay."

Zen turned around and saw hundreds of ogres standing before him.

Most of these ogres had the strength similar to that of the ogre governor, but two ogres in particular were stronger. The one who had just spoken was one of them.

Zen regarded the two ogres, a faint smile playing on his lips. "Why do you want us to stay?" he asked.

"Either you stay here or you die," the ogre said in an arrogant voice. "You are just a level seven war fighter. You simply don't have the ability to fight!"

Zen was also very curious about the cultivation hierarchy of this continent, so he asked, "If I'm a level seven war fighter, what are you?"

"I am not a war fighter. I am a level five war general," the ogre replied proudly.

"Is that so?" A faint smile appeared on Zen's face. The forceful energy within his body suddenly erupted, and he sped off in the blink of an eye. This was the benefit of refining his body—being able to power up in such a short period of time.

He covered the distance of several hundred feet in a flash and arrived in front of the ogre, ready to crash into him.

The ogre was a level five war general. He wasn't slow but the problem was that ogres had always relied on their brute forces. No human dared to go head to head with the ogres, because it would be like smashing an egg against a rock. In the ogre's eyes, Zen was courting death.

The ogre smiled wickedly when he saw the human charging towards him a


"This entire situation has nothing to do with us. As long as he doesn't step into our territory, it'll be fine," replied another male member of the Demon Night.

"Yes, I know," the woman replied nodding her head. Then she turned and, with the grace of a leopard, jumped up on the tree. Her tall and light body allowed her to effortlessly climb up onto the treetops.

It was a long time before the ogres came back to their senses and the gravity of the situation sank in.

Their dazed expressions began to change and realization slowly struck them. Their faces were a mix of anger, sadness and shock, and, finally, utter humiliation. Yes, deep humiliation.

The ogres were fierce and aggressive, and unafraid in the face of death. Dying on the battlefield was a great honor for them, but to be struck to death by a mere human? This was a disgrace! This was a huge embarrassment!

How had Zen managed to do it? They didn't waste time trying to figure it out because, at this moment, all they wanted to do was rip him to shreds!

The remaining ogre war general and many ogre war fighters roared angrily and thundered towards Zen.

"Rip that human to pieces!"

"I will skin him with a knife and eat his flesh!"

"Pound him! Kill him! Twist his body into a pretzel! Bury him in the ground!"

They roared and dashed towards Zen.

Zen was calm. Killing humans might have some psychological effect on him, but killing these ogres? Not at all! Even though they possessed intelligence, killing them was no different than slaughtering chickens to him.

"Let me carve the path to your death," said Zen ruthlessly. After he had experienced many hardships, his heart had become cold and hard like a stone.

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