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   Chapter 809 Warning

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This lion's roar originated from the vicious nature of the Cloud-chasing Lion's bone.

Even a creature like a flood dragon that was close to a legendary beast could preserve its vicious nature in its bones for a long time. And here, the Cloud-chasing Lion was a genuine legendary beast. It was a close relative of another powerful super legendary beast, the kylin.

When Zen's forceful energy entered the bone, it activated the vicious nature within it.

Just as the lion's roar burst out, Zen circulated his life vitality to wrap around the bone, suppressing the vicious nature within.

Even though he had forcefully suppressed the sound of the lion's roar by ninety-nine percent, there was still a weak sound that could be heard.

The several hundred people surrounding Zen looked at each other, ashen-faced. Those with weaker physiques trembled as their legs gave way and they fell to the ground.

Zen heaved a sigh of relief. If the vicious nature of this bone had really erupted, then none of the surrounding commoners would have survived.

After he soaked the bone in the forceful energy, Zen began to refine the bone, continuously absorbing the essence within it.

Zen had to form Eight Path Platforms within his body. He was now using the essence within this bone to forge the Hundred Meetings Platform.

A milky white mist appeared between his eyebrows as he continued to absorb the little bits of essence of the bone. One could faintly see a platform slowly forming within the white mist.

Even after absorbing the entire bone, the Hundred Meetings Platform still hadn't been built between his eyebrows.

Forming Eight Path Platforms was a difficult threshold for body refiners. It wouldn't be easy even if Zen used the legendary beast's bone.

One bone wasn't enough. Zen took out another bone from his space ring. This time, he was much more careful and wrapped his life vitality around it to prevent the vicious nature of the Cloud-chasing Lion from leaking out.

As Zen refined the legendary beast's bones, the mist on his Hundred Meetings Platform gradually dissipated. If he were to close his eyes and look inside, he would see a white Path Platform standing there.

At this moment, the forceful energy, which was originally evenly distributed throughout his body, began to slowly gather at the Hundred Meetings Platform and circulate at a uniform speed.

The Hundred Meetings Platform was the foundation of the Eight Path Platforms. After forming the Hundred Meetings Platform, the speed of producing the forceful energy would multiply, and each of the Eight Path Platforms in the body refiner's body would have its own use. Once all the Eigh

ould take several days and nights for this group of hundreds of people to move forward.

Two hundred miles away from Zen, three other humans were equally puzzled.

They wore armors belonging to the generals of the army. One of them, a middle-aged man with a full beard, sat at the top of a fortress and laughed mischievously. "Where did this guy come from? He is clearly only a level seven war fighter, but he actually went to the ogre's pasture and took away several hundred people. What is he trying to do?"

"Who cares if he's dead? We'll just pretend we didn't see him. It's not easy to have ten years of peace. If we were to appear, then we might have to fight," another said coldly.

"No. I have to report it to my father. This matter is rather strange. We can't make a decision without authorization. No matter where that kid came from, he is a human after all." The last to speak was a youth. He was extremely handsome, had a head of silver hair, and his eyes flashed with a green light.

The bearded middle-aged man shook his head. "I have to report this. But the biggest problem is that the kid is heading for the Demon Night's place."

The three races were closely watching Zen's group.

On the first day, they walked forty miles.

On the next day, they walked forty-five miles.

On the third day, they walked thirty miles.

On the fourth day, an arrow, thick as an arm, abruptly shot out from ten miles away, with a loud whistling sound.

It was made from the bone of some fierce beast and extremely special runes flickered on it.

The bone arrow was shot from afar. It was aimed at no one and fell to the ground before Zen. Half of the arrow was stuck in the ground.

Looking at the bone arrow in front of him, Zen frowned and said, "Is this a warning?"

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