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   Chapter 808 Unlock The Path Platforms

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The ogre governor was humongous and his size was comparable to that of a small mountain. He rode astride a horse, further adding to his intimidating height.

The ogre let out a deep growl before rushing headfirst towards Zen. The speed at which he and his horse ran was even made more daunting by the red forceful energy that emanated from his body and surrounded him. As he got close, the ogre leaped off from his horse, flying through the air as he brandished his long spear viciously towards Zen.

Zen had been rooted to his spot the entire time and even when the spear's point had gotten so close, he still stood his ground.

That didn't mean that the force of the forceful energy the ogre had unleashed was light. In fact, its strike would be able to raze a small mountain to the ground instantly! Despite this, however, Zen remained unyielding.

"Go to hell!"

An earthshaking rage burst forth from the ogre. The strange human brat in front of him had actually managed to kill half of his soldiers and his blood was thirsty for revenge.

His spear reached Zen, backed with a raging force that was sure to flatten any opponent. However, instead of killing Zen, something strange happened. Zen's soul had shot out from the spot between his eyebrows and rushed towards the mind of the ogre governor.

However, before Zen could reach his opponent's head, a faint yellow light flashed and a protective barrier suddenly wrapped itself around the ogre governor's body.

Zen scoffed mockingly. "Is it a treasure used to defend soul attacks? Too bad its grade is too low!" he said, smiling faintly.

He assumed that the governor's treasure was a top-grade spiritual weapon. Had it been a top-grade fairy or sacred weapon, it might've succeeded in blocking Zen's soul attack, but it was merely a spiritual weapon and stood no chance against his soul which was in the Fighting Soul Realm.



It was the sound of two things breaking. The faint yellow protective barrier had been rendered useless and quickly shattered against Zen's soul attack. Without the barrier, Zen's soul had been able to fully penetrate deep into the ogre governor's mind and shatter his fragile soul into pieces.

The other sound had been the ogre governor's spear hitting Zen's body. The spear, thrown by the ogre's mighty strength and forceful energy, struck Zen with an explosive force so loud it was as if a giant firecracker had just set itself off in front of him.

The sound was deafening and frightened everyone present. Meanwhile, Zen's body slid along the grassland violently, leaving a ditch ten feet deep and a thousand feet long on the grassland.

Zen snorted indifferently. "Your strength is not too bad," he remarked lightly.

He then pushed himself off the ground and flipped his body in the air. He jumped out of the ditch effortlessly and even brushed off the dirt on his body.

The power of space within his body had still not been completely expelled so he could only move his arms and legs awkwardly.

The ogre governor, on the other hand, now stood deathly still with his spear as if he was a clay figurine.


mb wasn't just a loot haven that he had initially thought but was actually a place Mist had specially designed to select someone with great destiny through the Wheel of Fortune.

Though he had won the Wheel of Fortune, Zen was unable to get the immortal's bone but had managed to obtain a legendary beast's bones instead.

The treasures in Mist's celestial tomb were almost on par with the sacred weapons and each one had great value. Mist had told him that the bones he had chosen once belonged to a Cloud-chasing Lion.

The Cloud-chasing Lion and the super legendary beast kylin were close relatives, with the former being classified as an ordinary legendary beast. Regardless, it should be enough since Zen didn't think he could use the bone of a super legendary beast for refinement anyway.

The eight Path Platforms were as follows: the Hundred Meetings Platform, the Divine Gate Platform, the Wind Gate Platform, the Energy Sea Platform, the Cyan Spirit Platform, the Shining Sea Platform, the Life Platform, and finally, the Death Platform.

The unlocking of the Eight Path Platforms served as the threshold for the mastery of the body refinement technique. Though Zen had tempered his body and was already able to form forceful energy, the unlocking of the Path Platforms shall take him to new heights and allow him to finally learn the Transcendent Divine Might from the red dragon.

Zen held the bone gently in his hand before willing the violent forceful energy to surge out from his body.

Life vitality and forceful energy were two completely different things.

Life vitality could be compared to a cloud of mist that became thicker and more refined as one ascended a level.

Forceful energy, on the other hand, was extremely viscous and flowed very slowly within the body. It was produced by the warrior himself and could not be transformed from the energy between the heaven and the earth thus. It could not be replenished without limit.

The forceful energy infused itself onto the bone and, as it did, a sudden, violent roar echoed in Zen's ears, shocking him greatly.

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