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   Chapter 807 The Ogre Governor (Part Three)

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Shaking his head at the threatening interrogation by the leader of the ogres, his expression visibly darkened. "You do not need to know where I come from," he spat out venomously.

Chuckling arrogantly, the ogre peered at him with condescending eyes before speaking once more, "I am not interested to know where you come from since you are not from the Purple Heart Sacred Place." Pointing a stubby finger towards him while the other ogres sniggered behind him, the ogre continued, "I will care no more about who you are! A puny seventh level war fighter like you dared to come to my territory and killed my people. You shall regret facing me and looking for death!"

After the leader of the army finished his spiel, he then promptly raised his arm and waved his hand as a command for the others to start attacking him. Within a short moment, the ground rumbled as if an earthquake passed by due to the thousands of ogres descending upon Zen hurriedly.

Briefly thinking back on what the ogre had called him, he quickly became angry at being titled a seventh level war fighter more than anything.

The face of Zen slightly hardened and there was a visible tick on his eyebrow from irritation. While the ogre talked, Zen realized that perhaps he called him the seventh level war fighter because he was at the seventh level of the Illuminating Soul Realm. 'Maybe this continent has marginally different terms for the realms, ' he hummed as he mused at the words of the head of the troop. It could also have been possible that only the ogres called realms this way.

Facing the ogres who viciously stomped towards him, he inaudibly inhaled and exhaled before preparing himself. The ogres were terribly wrong if they had assumed that Zen would retreat upon seeing their sheer number. Instead, he smirked to himself slightly before steadily walking forward.

Cracking his knuckles and stretching his neck from side to side, he grinned at the fact that it was fortunate that they did not know who Zen was--they also did not k


The ogre was the governor of this army and in his eyes, Zen's cultivation base was at a pathetically low level that would not withstand the brunt of their attacks. With a shiver running up his spine, he suddenly came upon the knowledge that Zen was attacking with his soul instead of his cultivation unlike what they had expected of a warrior.

The ogre leader hesitated for a moment and glanced at his petrified squad before taking matters into his own hands and rushing towards Zen ferociously. As their leader, he should be able to show bravery as an example to his doubtful army—he was labelled the strongest one out of all of them for something after all.

Gritting his teeth, he was well aware of the fact that ogres did not specialize in soul attacks and enduring the power from it. In this chaotic and complex continent, every race had to strengthen themselves to make up for their shortcomings and the skills that they lacked to ward off others. What Zen did not know was the fact that the ogre governor had a secret weapon that could resist soul attacks.

'As long as his soul attacks are useless on me, he will be at my mercy!' the ogre sadistically thought to himself as his eyes darkened with purpose. It was the only thought running through the mind of the governor when he yelled a battle cry and rushed towards Zen.

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