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   Chapter 806 The Ogre Governor (Part Two)

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Wobbling on his foot while he took a step backwards, the ogre stammered, "D… devil…"

The leader hurriedly mounted his horse and with a whip, he swiftly fled from the scene.

The martial artist originally planned to kill the head of the ogres along with the others. Unfortunately, the leader was beyond the reach of his soul power as he stood farther from the group, and Zen could not gather the strength to move as of the moment. It was definitely a pity that he could not slay him like the rest.

Sighing to himself, Zen decided to let him go for now. His priority right now was to make himself able to move as soon as possible due to the fact that they were not sure when the next threat would appear.

After having expelled the force of space from his spine, Zen began to focus his energy in expelling the force of space in his legs. Being unable to move had always been a nuisance to him and it became his most urgent problem to solve.

Right when Zen fixated on enabling his body to move once more, the boy standing next to him suddenly knelt down in veneration.

Upon seeing Craig go down on his knees and bow his head at the man, more and more people strode out of their tents and bent down on their knees in front of Zen.

It was as if they had seen a miracle happening right before their very eyes as someone single-handedly managed to kill all of those ogres in an instant. These long suffering human beings who had been kept against their will in the pasture as livestock thought that only God would be able to accomplish such an impossible task. It was as if in their eyes, Zen was the God they had been waiting for.

Living in the pasture, no one was willing to be eaten by the ogres. Perhaps it was their survival-of-the-fittest mentality working that they gave up a few members of their race every year in exchange for the existence of their tribe. It was a sacrifice no one wanted to do themselves but was something direly needed for their continuation.

With the sudden showcase of Zen's prowess in slaying the ogres, they had see

tside world, they still had high hopes that Zen would triumph over their doubts and surprise them once more with his strength.

"Ha!" Among the faceless mass of ogres, there proudly stood an ogre who adorned himself with a golden helmet and a matching golden armor. His booming voice rose through the throng of ogres which made his other comrades hold the reins of their tall horses and peer menacingly at Zen from hundreds of feet away.

"Human, have you come from the Purple Heart Sacred Place?"

The ogre leading the army inquired in a heavy, bellowing voice. All of the ogres behind him assented and yelled at their leader's question as a form of support.

'Purple Heart Sacred Place?' he frowned as he thought, the name of the place not ringing a bell or even giving him a blurry recollection of a memory. After much consideration, Zen's eyebrows shot up at the realization. "Is there a sacred place on this continent?" he mumbled to himself as a vague thought started to form in his head. Judging from the ogre's tone and how they had reacted to his demand, the location he had mentioned seemed to be a sacred place created by humans themselves.

Perhaps, he had mistaken on one thing: the status of humans on this particular continent was not as miserably low as he had imagined. There was a possibility that more of his race roamed the lands of the strange place.

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