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   Chapter 804 Resist

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In the human's pasture, cattle and sheep were kept as livestock. They would be fattened up and then killed and cooked for food.

In the ogres' pasture, humans were kept there like cows and goats, and they would be slaughtered when they were grown.

The immortal Mist had once said that this continent was extremely chaotic and humans were not the dominant race of this continent. It was not until this moment that Zen finally understood how weak humans were in this continent.


Zen suddenly coughed.

The two ogre envoys had sharp ears. They turned around, sensing that there was someone in the tent not far away.

"There's one missing. Didn't I tell you to summon everyone?" the ogre envoy said in an apparent tone of surprise.

The middle-aged man replied, "Sir, it is an outsider."

"Outsider? Is he from another pasture?" One of the ogre envoys strode towards Zen.

As Zen lay on the mattress, unable to move, his eyes stared coldly at the ogre. Traces of killing intent began forming in his eyes.

In the Central Region, the world was ruled by humans. What Zen had fought against were humans in battles. But on this continent where ogres ruled, Zen suddenly felt a strong sense of human identity. "Those who are not our kin are sure to have a different heart." Zen had never been as sympathetic to this phrase as he was now.

"Mm, this guy seems to be severely injured. Count him in too." The ogre envoy flipped open Zen's tent, took out a noose, and came forward, intending to wrap it around Zen's head.

Just as that rope was thrown out, a wisp of soul suddenly shot out from Zen's mind and probed into the ogre envoy's mind. It tore apart the ogre's soul and crushed his mind.

Everyone saw the ogre envoy grab the noose in his hand, but suddenly, his entire body shook. He then froze, standing there motionlessly.

The ogre had his back facing them. In fact, the crowd did not see that brown blood was flowing from his eyes. This ogre was already dead.

A gentle wind blew, causing the ogre to fall backwards. His tall body hit the ground with a heavy thump.

The other ogre envoy was shocked to see this. "What's going on?" he said fearfully.

The humans also looked at each other, not knowing what had happened. How had the ogre envoy fallen to the ground without warning?

The other ogre envoy pulled out a 10-foot long spear and walked cautiously towards Zen. When he saw that his fallen comrade had died, he pointed the spear at Zen and asked, "Human! What have you done?"

A hint of mockery appeared on Zen's face as he replied calmly, "I killed him."

"You killed him?" Disbelief was written all over the ogre envoy's face.


to do. Their ancestors had lived in this grassland for generations, so they thought they were destined to be eaten up by the ogres. Although there were some people from the tribe who had thought of rebelling, they had been too weak and no match for the ogres. Such rebels usually died faster.

They could come up with no solution even after a long discussion and had no choice but to let it be. They all turned a blind eye to Zen.

On the other hand, it was Craig who stayed by Zen's side and protected him with the sharp wooden stick in his hand.

During this time, Zen continuously expelled the power of space within his body.

Several hours later, Zen felt a tremor coming from the ground. He looked up and saw a group of ogres mounted on large horses galloping angrily towards them. These gigantic horses were nearly twenty feet high, and they had bloodshot eyes. They were clearly not ordinary horses.

"What's going on? Where's the leader?" There were a dozen ogres in the group. The one in the lead was wearing a heavy helmet and had spikes on his shoulders. He looked extremely intimidating.

"Save your energy. I was the one who killed these two bags of trash," Zen said indifferently.

"You!" The leader of the ogres dismounted and looked at the two dead bodies in front of him. His ugly face looked doubtful. "Did you kill them?"

Craig stood on high alert behind Zen, the sharp wooden stick in his hand at the ready.

"Yes," Zen said, nodding. His head was the only part of him that he could move.

"How could these humans dare resist? This is interesting. Let's capture him and take him back!" the leader of the ogre group waved his hand and said.

Following his order, the group of ogres behind him dismounted from their horses and came forward to surround Zen.

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