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   Chapter 803 A Pasture

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As the voices of the two children faded away, the surroundings once again became silent. Zen didn't even have the strength to observe his surroundings, let alone try to find out where he was.

Good thing was that he didn't have to be too nervous about losing the space ring. There was his mark on it which made it impossible for normal people to open it. His treasures were safe.

'Those two kids seemed like the children of commoners. I don't think there are powerful warriors in their families, which means even their families won't be able to open the space ring, ' he thought.

Right now, his biggest problem was to recover his strength and bring back movement into his muscles. At the very least, he had to be able to move his body.

As time passed, the sky gradually darkened and the surroundings became dim as they immersed themselves in the darkness.

After an unknown amount of time, Zen suddenly heard more footsteps coming his way, as well as the sound of some people talking.

"Is he here?"

"Yes, Dad!"

"Quick. Go take a look, but be careful."

Soon after, Zen saw a yellow light appear at the edge of the crater. Several burning torches and a few middle-aged men were peeking curiously at him from the edge of the crater.

'They are not warriors, ' Zen thought.

One of them stuck his head out and asked, "Who are you?"

Zen merely blinked, unable to utter a word.

"Bring him up first," another man ordered.

Immediately, two middle-aged men climbed down from the edge of the crater curiously. One of them tied a rope around Zen's body and threw the other end of the rope over the edge of the crater as he shouted, "Pull!"

Zen did not move an inch.

"Why is he so heavy?" someone remarked in surprise.

Although Zen was tall, he wasn't a strong-built man. According to their estimates, he should have only weighed slightly more than a hundred pounds. There were four adults tugging at the rope, but they failed to move him even one bit.

What they didn't know was that Zen's body had been refined several times and was now a fairy weapon, so the densities of his body and bones were far greater than those of an ordinary person.

In fact, during the process of cultivation, the density of warriors' bodies and bones increased constantly. Otherwise, their bodies wouldn't be able to withstand the strength of millions of pounds. What was more, Zen's body was much heavier than that of an ordinary warrior.

Those people eventually figured out a way to move Zen. They whispered among each other and after a while, Zen heard someone's whip suddenly whip the air. PAK! He then heard the sound of a horse's hoof. The force tugging the rope finally pul

The cover of the tent was still open, and Zen turned his head to the side to see that not far from him, there was a group of seven to eight hundred people standing neatly together on a field. There were both old and young, and women and children in the group.

In front of these people, there were two tall ogres. They were all grayish-brown in color and were around 10 feet tall. Two long fangs protruded from their mouths. Clearly, they must be the ogres that the announcer had spoken of.

Zen had seen ogres before, during the Blooded Test. The last level five unreal beast Zen had killed was an ogre too.

The two ogres moved around the crowd of people, and then one of them said arrogantly, "Today is the Governor's birthday. A banquet is going to be held. We need five people!"

The middle-aged man looked troubled. "My Lord! Aren't five people a little bit too much?"

"No bargaining! We need young people this time. You! You! You and you... Hmm, that little girl is not bad. She looks fresh and delicious. Bring her along as well!" The ogre pointed at the little girl.

When the middle-aged man heard this, his expression became even more troubled. "Sir, she doesn't qualify! The Governor said that he didn't want little girls under fourteen!"

"Why do you care so much? And whatever! Today, the Governor is very happy for his birthday, and he wants to eat something tender. Haw-haw!" As he spoke, he threw out a rope towards them.

The little girl wanted to escape, but there was no way she could escape the ogre's rope. She was instantly trapped.

Zen narrowed his eyes at this sight. A trace of killing intent appeared in his eyes. He finally understood that this was indeed the ogre's pasture. Humans were not the herdsmen, but the animals. Ogres cultivated and ate humans!

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