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   Chapter 802 Unable To Move

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After everyone left, Immortal Mist's celestial tomb slowly went quiet, as if boiling water had been taken off a flame.

One of the many gigantic walls slowly moved away. The disturbed dust started to rise before slowly spreading out, and when the wall finally settled, Zen could see a giant transmission array inside.

It was ten times larger than any other transmission arrays he had ever seen.

It took a while but after the transmission array was slowly activated, Zen didn't hesitate and immediately stepped inside.

As of right now, there were two more tokens in his space ring. The token which was inscribed with the word "thunder" could open the True Path of the fairy palace. But Zen was temporarily unable to use it. He would probably have to wait until he had returned to the Eastern Region and entered the fairy palace again before he could use it.

Not only that, he had also plundered the remaining treasures in the huge coffin he had encountered before.

And the most important thing he had managed to find today was a Jade Butterfly that Immortal Mist had given him. But Immortal Mist's words had been a little vague. On the one hand, he had told Zen that the legacy he would encounter below the Tower of Sin was extremely important and was related to the rise and fall of the entire human race. On the other hand, he refused to tell Zen exactly what it was.

All he had explained was that after entering the bottom layer of the Tower of Sin, possessing a Jade Butterfly would give Zen a certain probability of activating the inheritance. However, his destination as well as his journey was extremely dangerous. That was one of the reasons why Immortal Mist had chosen a person with such great luck for it.

Those who were blessed with a great luck were known to be extremely tough and robust. It was extremely difficult to kill them, and even the chance of them dying naturally was quite low.

Zen had always been in danger and managed to survive every time. This was solid proof that he was blessed with the great luck required for such a journey.

"I have already told you everything that you need to know. Although you are fateful enough to lead the world of chaos, it doesn't mean that you will not die. Your luck only makes it very difficult for you to die. There have been instances in history where warriors with the same kind of blessed fate have died, so you should be careful. What happens now is dependent entirely on what your luck decides," Immortal Mist concluded.

Zen nodded heavily.

He must cherish his life and be careful as the fates of Yan and the entire Cloud Hall were now tied to his own.

Even though Eddie could not break the Cloud Hall's enchanted barrier for now, it did not mean that he was locked out forever. If he were to find another warrior who possessed a Purple Power Body, the situation and balance of powers in the Central Region would drastically change. What was more, the Holy Maiden of the divine king

eyes and stare blankly at the clouds that were gradually floating around in the sky.

"This is terrible..." Zen thought.

As he lay in the crater, his vision was extremely narrow. He didn't even know where he was.

About four hours later, a small head popped out of the edge of the crater.

It was a little boy about eight or nine years old. He looked strong, and his eyes were full of spirit.

Zen wanted to open his mouth to speak, but found that he couldn't even utter a sound. As for circulating his life vitality, that was even more impossible.

"Lori, look!" The boy was still looking at Zen and there was no trace of fear in his eyes as he called someone to come and see.

Pretty soon, a girl, also of his age, stuck her head out of the edge of the crater too. Her big eyes blinked twice, and her face revealed a terrified expression. "He's still alive. I'm going to tell my dad."

"Shh!" The boy stared at Zen and stopped the girl. "Don't tell your dad. I have a gift for you!"

The girl asked curiously, "What is it?"

The boy slowly slid down the edge of the crater. He was extremely agile. After sliding down to Zen's side, he reached out his hand and took off the ring on Zen's chest.

Zen's gaze immediately turned cold.

That was Letitia's space ring. Apart from the fact that it contained almost all of Zen's wealth, the ring itself was also very important to him.

The problem was that right now, Zen couldn't even move, let alone stop a child from taking his space ring. He merely watched the boy climb up.

"This is yours," the boy smiled.

"No! You stole this from someone else! I am going to tell your dad!" Seeing this, the girl became angry.

"Why are you like this? Forget it!" the boy said angrily, then turned around and left the edge of the crater.

With one last glance at Zen, the girl also followed him. Lying inside the crater, Zen heard the little girl call from far away, "If you don't return it, I'll tell your dad!"

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