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   Chapter 801 Wait For Me

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Zen had thought that the corpse of the immortal Mist was placed in the coffin, but he didn't expect that the coffin was filled with an abundant amount of treasures, and they would be used as rewards for those who had passed the Wheel of Fortune...

Zen felt very strange about such arrangement.

The celestial tomb had been built by Mist in order to lure warriors from the Central Region and he should have realized that, technically, the warriors that were to be lured would basically be tomb robbers. Zen was, technically, a tomb robber.

Zen couldn't really figure out how Mist's mind worked. He did not directly kill tomb robbers that came for his treasures but instead he used the Wheel of Fortune to test their luck and awarded the winners.

"Why reward us? The main reason everyone came here was to rob your tomb," Zen asked, disapprovingly.

The immortal Mist snorted, "I specialize in Karma," he declared knowingly. "Sowing good seeds brings forth good fortune. All of you here were lured in by me and some have even died in the Wheel of Fortune because of that. It's only right I give away proper compensation."

However, Zen didn't quite agree. Mist claimed to have studied and specialized in Karma, then shouldn't their compensation be death since they all came here with the ill intent of robbing the celestial tomb? Zen shrugged. It was Mist's decision and he shouldn't really interfere. Besides, there were treasures waiting to be chosen.

He walked towards the coffin and saw several bones the color of jade. He took one look at the bones and then glanced back at the crystal ball.

"Those aren't mine. Those are the bones of a legendary beast," Mist quickly clarified.

Zen nodded and then realized that this celestial tomb wasn't Mist's. No matter how much he believed in karma, it was impossible for him to give his own bones away.

So without hesitation, Zen reached out and chose the bones of the legendary beast as his reward.

Obtaining the immortal's bones had been his most important mission ever since he entered the celestial tomb. These bones would help him in finding a way of unlocking the Eight Path Platforms. However, since he wouldn't have a chance to obtain the immortal's bones, maybe the bones of a legendary beast might suffice?

After checking out the remaining treasures, Zen turned to mist, "How do I give these treasures to the rest of the warriors?" he asked.

Mist pointed to his left, "There's a passageway over there," he said. "You can choose what to reward them with when they pass through the Wheel of Fortune. Someone's actually about to pass the test, so hurry it up!"

Zen pursed his lips and quickly made his way to the wall at the back of the coffin where a luminous curtain had been placed. It was quite similar to the Picture Slab in the Central Region and it allowed him to see what was happening in the Wheel of Fortune. Next to the curtain was a small transmission array that Zen could use to send the treasures to the runner-ups.

The situation at the Wheel of Fortune had taken him aback.

From what he remembered, Letitia had been standing right behind him before he passed, taking second place. Now, however, it seemed that Eddie and the Holy Maiden had caught up while Letitia was still standing at the same place. Eddie was actually very close

another low-grade mysterious weapon from his space ring—it was a huge hammer!

He immediately threw it onto the transmission array wherein it appeared at the passageway.

The Holy Maiden still sported a sour face, no doubt still mourning the prince's recent death. Walking at the end of the passageway, she finally came upon a huge hammer.

Her brows furrowed, "A mysterious weapon?" she whispered in disbelief.

As someone from the divine kingdom and a worshiped maiden at that kingdom, this was actually the first time she had seen such a low-level weapon!

"What the hell is this immortal!" she shouted before grabbing the hammer and hurling it at the passageway's wall to vent out her anger. The wall was fine but the hammer had been broken into several pieces. The woman had quite a temper!

Mist felt a bit helpless at being cursed at for no reason at all. It wasn't his fault these people had bad beef with Zen who was awarding their venture to the tomb with weapons no better than trash. However, it wasn't really something he felt he should be bothered with and just let Zen do as he pleased.

For the next passers, Zen would usually throw down some worthless items if they were from the other sects. However, if it was someone from Cloud Hall, he would give them a few good treasures. People like Imogen and Morphens received some good items while Emmanuel, who had been lucky enough to survive the Wheel of Fortune, got a mere low-grade mysterious weapon. It all depended on Zen's mood. He didn't care if everyone was happy about what they got.

Pretty soon, the number of people in the Wheel of Fortune lessened until everyone had been able to return to the entrance of the celestial tomb through the passageway where a small crowd had formed to await their companions to join them.

Zen, on the other hand, remained behind the luminous curtain where he had been watching Letitia. He noticed that she kept looking around as if trying to find someone—trying to find him. Zen had wanted to burn a message rune, trying to give her a sign, trying to give her something, anything but he decided against it in the end. He just stared at Tia's image on the curtain before softly whispering, "Wait for me."

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