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   Chapter 800 The Tower Of Sin

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The crystal ball was already cracked all over the surface and just one touch would surely shatter it to pieces.

Mist's wild laughter came through from the crystal ball but it had been laced with something akin to desolation as if it came from some powerful master who had once known great joy but also suffered great pain in his twilight years.

"Sir…" Zen murmured, pursing his lips as he mulled over the reason why Mist had let out such a hysterical laugh.

The laughter from the crystal ball continued, almost as if ignoring Zen. After a few minutes, Mist let out a few wheezes and finally calmed down, "The fate to lead the great world of chaos! Lead the great world of chaos!" he had exclaimed with a booming, disembodied voice. "It's the fate to lead the world of chaos!"

Zen was puzzled but as Mist told him his fortune, the cyan dragon had already been talking with his brother. "It seems that we do not need to consult our eldest brother anymore. This immortal has already confirmed our suspicions through Purple Star Astrology," he said. "It seems like Zen really has the fate to lead the great world of chaos!"

The red dragon nodded his head at his brother's words, "Indeed," he agreed. "Since this young man has such fate, and now that the great world has fallen, he will surely be the star of this era!"

The cyan dragon hummed, "If that's the case, there might still be a chance for us nine brothers. We are fortunate to reside in the brain of someone with such a grand fate." A chance for a turnaround - the thought greatly lifted the cyan dragon's heart with hope.

The red dragon heaved a deep, melancholic sigh, "Perhaps…"

Despite this moment between the two dragon brothers, Zen was still standing completely dumbfounded at the current state of things. Just what kind of fate had Mist foretold for him? The fate to lead the great world of chaos? He had never heard of such a thing before, not even from the cyan dragon.

Zen furrowed his brows, "Sir, what do you mean? What does leading the world of chaos mean?" he asked.

Mist turned a deaf ear and ignored his question, "Ha! Two thousand years!" he exclaimed. "Two thousand years I have waited for a person with a strong destiny. Who would've thought that it would be you?! Such a great destiny, truly a great fate!"

"Sir…" Zen was starting to get a bit impatient. Mist kept talking and mumbling nonsense to himself, not giving Zen any clear answer to what it all meant and what it all entailed for him.

"Wait!" Mist suddenly shouted in the midst of his incoherent mumbling. "Something is wrong. Since you have such a strong destiny, where is your guide?"

Zen was taken aback, "Guide?" he repeated before throwing his hands up in resignation. "I don't know." In his mind, however, he cursed at the old immortal, 'I have no idea what the hell you're even talking about!'

The crystal ball floated back and forth in front of Zen, almost as if it was pacing in front of him, "Let me see, let me see," Mist repeatedly mumbled to himself, lost in his train of thought. "You!" he suddenly stopped and faced Zen. "You have a younger sister!"

Zen rolled his eyes but hum

vate would only give him trouble and he knew that as soon as he stepped out of Cloud Hall's sect-protecting array, Eddie would seek him out and kill him. In that case, it was next to impossible for him to venture out of the Cloud Hall and seek more opportunities in the Central Region to improve himself.

However, he could not hope for any breakthrough in his strength if he only confined himself to Cloud Hall.

Earlier, when he was still in the Wheel of Fortune, Zen had already considered whether or not he should cross the Chaotic Ocean of Stars to reach the divine kingdoms. But that was impossible now since he had already killed a prince and angered the Holy Maiden. Moreover… crossing the Chaotic Ocean of Stars was not an easy feat.

Mist's suggestion was actually not a bad one and might actually be the best course of action for Zen, however…

"What is truly your purpose? Why do you want me to go there?" he asked directly. The immortal had spent a great deal of effort building this celestial tomb and also designing the Wheel of Fortune to search for a man with a great destiny. The lengths with which he had also gone through to preserve this last shred of his soul were no joke. There was an ulterior motive behind this.

Mist did not give him a half-assed excuse and addressed his question righteously, "There is a huge secret hidden underneath the Tower of Sin. I need you to take inheritance of that secret."

Zen raised an eyebrow, "Why didn't you go when you were alive?" he asked curiously but also with a hint of sass.

Mist sighed, "I can't go to that place," he murmured sadly. "Don't ask me why! You'll know when you get there!"

With that, the huge coffin behind them suddenly started shaking before slowly opening. Mist turned to Zen, "These are the rewards I had planned to give to those who pass the Wheel of Fortune. Since you are the first, you can freely choose what you want. The rest will go to the runner-ups. I'll let you give out their rewards."

The array of treasures that lay in the coffin had Zen's eyes flashing with excitement, "You want me to decide?"

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