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   Chapter 799 The Third Owner Of The Fairy Palace

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Zen stared at the crack on the crystal ball, and heard Immortal Mist's increasingly weak voice, before saying worriedly, "I do have a token. Your crystal ball is broken. Are you all right?"

"Don't worry about that! Show me your token! Quick!" Immortal Mist said anxiously.

Zen had no doubt about what he should do. He took out the token from his space ring; the current fairy palace was of no use to him at all. The token with the word "wind" carved on it could only be a pass.

The crystal ball floated before Zen and Immortal Mist stared at the token in Zen's hand, sighing, "So that's how it is. You've become the new owner of the fairy palace."

"So, you…" Zen was shocked and at a loss for words.

Immortal Mist laughed, and the crystal ball started spinning towards a wall not too far away. A grinding sound emanated from within the wall, and it soon opened up. "Go and take out what's behind the wall."

Zen was curious as he walked up to the side of the wall. He extracted two tokens from behind it, one of them exactly the same as his, complete with the inscription of the word "wind" on it.

But the other token had the word "thunder" on it.

The shape and style of the tokens were almost exactly the same as Zen's. It was likely that all of the three tokens were from the fairy palace.

Seeing the change in Zen's expression, Immortal Mist said calmly, "I am the third owner of the fairy palace."

Zen took a deep breath. When he'd been in the fairy palace, he knew that it had had several owners before him. He had passed the test and become the new owner of the fairy palace. He hadn't expected that he would run into its third owner in this celestial tomb.

"Then this token…" Zen trailed off, looking quizzically at the token with the word "thunder" on it and wondering what its purpose was.

Immortal Mist smiled and said, "The token with the word 'thunder' is a token to the 'True Path.' The 'True Path' is also a cultivation path within the fairy palace, and even I have only activated a True Path."

"Where did the fairy palace come from? Why did the first owner leave such a palace behind?" Zen asked again.

"This fairy palace does not have a name. Since the first owner did not leave one, no one in this world is qualified to give it a name anymore. Not you, not me, not the second owner, not even one in all the one hundred thousand great worlds," Immortal Mist said.

Zen blinked, stunned.

There were a hundred thousand great worlds in the Upper World, and even the famous Genuine Dragon World could only be considered one in a hundred t

deflecting Zen's question.

When Zen stepped back, the words on the Purple Star Grand Palace began to shine again.

"The sun…"

"Shade Star…"

"Seven Red…"

"Eight White..."

"Four Green..."

Bits of golden light flashed, and more golden threads shot out by the second. Each golden thread grazed past Zen's body. They were so densely packed that they could easily drown him. Instead, they kept a safe distance from his body.

There were many types of fates in the Purple Star Astrology.

It was rather complicated; outsiders could barely understand it.

Immortal Mist kept muttering to himself as he began to calculate Zen's luck. His words were vague, causing Zen to strain to hear him clearly.

After about fifteen minutes, Immortal Mist's words finally became clearer.

"Two Black and Five Yellow. This is... No, no. The sun and the moon. This is... No. It's still not right!

Ah! I know now! You will lead the world of chaos!"

Before Immortal Mist could finish speaking, the crystal ball trembled once more and fell to the ground.


Cracks had already appeared at the top and bottom of the crystal ball, and a spider web of cracks now appeared on the middle. Zen did not know whether or not Immortal Mist used his "eyes" to look. If he did look, the cracks would have blocked his view.

"Immortal Mist, are you alright?"

The crystal ball had dropped to the ground thrice in such a short time.

After the crystal ball had rolled on the ground for a full circle, it slowly floated up, and a desolate laugh rang out.

'Could his brain have become damaged?' Zen thought to himself. But this was just one fragment of Immortal Mist's soul; he technically shouldn't have a brain!

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