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   Chapter 798 Purple Star Grand Palace

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When Zen had first entered the fairy palace, he had found that everything in there was incomparably huge.

The trees, the animals, the structures—everything in there was huge. Could it be that all immortals were giants?

This was illogical.

Humans were a huge race. Once their strength reached a certain point, they could pass through the void and enter the Upper World.

Their bodies wouldn't change much even if they became immortals. Zen was still trying to solve this mystery.

Waves of cold wind blew through the darkness as Zen cautiously approached the huge coffin. Dense, complex patterns were engraved on the coffin's outer surface.

Zen tried to lift the lid of the coffin, but it did not budge, try as he might.

Zen circulated the power of dragon scales within his body. The forceful energy within him abruptly erupted, but the lid didn't move an inch.

"Such a sturdy coffin!" Zen exclaimed, amazed.

The explosion of his force could have overturned even a mountain, but it didn't affect the coffin in the slightest.

Zen had no choice but to explore further.

A gigantic natal chart appeared on the ground, with palm-sized words engraved on its surface. Zen's eyes widened as he saw the golden engravings.

"Six White, Seven Red, One White, this is..." Just as Zen recognized what it was, a weak voice sounded in the air.

"This is the Purple Star Astrology. It can tell a person his fortune. Young man, since you've come here, go stand on it."

Zen froze at the voice but quickly became wary. "Who is it?"

"Me? I am the owner of this tomb," the voice said. Zen heard a scratchy sound, like stone moving. He looked up to see a triangular stone board slowly moving away from the ceiling. A transparent crystal ball rolled out of the stone board and floated in the air.

There was a black shadow in the crystal ball, like a human watching him. There were no eyeballs in his two eyes—only two empty, black eye sockets staring at Zen.

Zen was nervous and bowed a little as he asked cautiously, "Are you Immortal Mist?"

"You don't have to be so nervous. A dead man can't be counted as an immortal. Strictly speaking, I count as Immortal Mist's last words." The crystal ball floated silently for a while, and the voice then continued, "It took me a very long time and a great number of cultivation techniques to keep my remnant soul. If I had to wait another thousand years, the time sand would have been of no use.

I mixed my remnant soul with the time sand so that I could have memories that lasted for thousands of years as I waited for a suita

l Mist's status in the Immortal World, he was certain of one thing—it was definitely incomparable to the cyan dragon's status in the Genuine Dragon World.

There were only 49 genuine dragons in the Genuine Dragon World.

But in the Upper World of the human race, immortals shouldn't be that rare.

But the whole of the Upper World was still blurry and incomplete to Zen. Until now, he had only been to the edge of the Genuine Dragon World, a small city that received warriors from the Lower World. And right now, Zen had too many unanswered questions in his mind.

The cyan dragon chuckled and said, "You underestimated the abilities of your human race. Among all the one hundred thousand great worlds, humans have occupied... Ha-ha! Let's talk about this later!"

Zen rolled his eyes. He then saw that the engravings of the palm-sized letters on the ground had begun to shine with a constantly circulating golden light. The light twisted into a fine line, and slithered back and forth.

Some of the light rays hit Zen's body, and then reflected onto a large character on the ground.

Zen, who was in the middle of the light, didn't feel anything strange. The crystal ball floated before the Purple Star Grand Palace. The darkness inside the crystal ball rolled continuously as if it were calculating Zen's luck.

After a long time, the crystal ball suddenly trembled and fell heavily to the ground. A crack appeared on its surface, like a blooming flower.

Zen was shocked. He stared at the crystal ball and asked, concerned, "Immortal Mist, are you okay?"

The black smoke in the crystal ball churned and finally took the faint form of a head. A weak yet surprised voice exclaimed, " also have a token!"

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