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   Chapter 797 The Immortal's Coffin

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How could anyone be as indifferent as Zen?

Zen had made miracles happen, but Letitia thought that those miracles had been reasonable so far. Take for example, his habit of challenging martial artists of higher levels and then triumphing over them. But what she hadn't expected was for him to endure the killing of an immortal!

Everyone had seen the incomparably powerful talisman exploding and it had been that very talisman that had saved Zen's life.

If Letitia's suspicions were right, this talisman was from the Upper World, or it wouldn't have been able to resist the immortal's power.

Zen's lazy smile elicited an angry glare from Letitia, who muttered angrily under her breath, "Oh you bastard!"

She had given up all hope and under the circumstances, she could do no nothing but pray for a miracle. But despite her prayers and much to her disappointment, no miracle seemed to appear on the horizon. Zen had to rely on his own cards to set the situation right.

This caused a silence to fall upon everyone present.

The eyes of the Holy Maiden of the divine kingdom were dark and gloomy, like a pool of water in the night.

She hadn't expected any trouble from these ants of the Sky Northern Region. She had the chance to kill Zen, but she hadn't been able to do it. That was something that she was having a hard time coming to terms with.

What was more, it looked like Letitia had cursed her.

The Holy Maiden lowered her head, so that her hair fell onto her face, blocking her eyes. She said, anger simmering in her voice, "After I get back home, I will bring my forces to destroy your Sky Northern Region!"

As the beam spun in circles, the martial artists became increasingly nervous.

The Wheel of Fortune was based entirely on luck without any fixed rules. Even someone as strong as Eddie hadn't been able to resist it. But Zen had managed to resist it and emerged unscathed from his encounter with death.

Like Letitia, many people had figured out that Zen had used the method of the Upper World to block the immortal's killing blow.

But they just couldn't comprehend just exactly how lucky Zen was. If anyone else had walked into the Dragon Soar Arena, they would have been imprisoned for a thousand years. But Zen had escaped. He had even brought back a bunch of treasures like the sacred-level protective garment and swords from the Upper World. The talisman that had burst out of Zen's body was even more powerful.

The other martial artists were silent, but they simmered with jealousy from within. They had see


The warriors had waited dozens, even hundreds, of years, and had paid great prices just to light all the enchanted lamps from the celestial tomb.

There were many Life and Death Realm warriors and leaders of various sects among them. But in the end, they had been trumped by a junior at the Illuminating Soul Realm.

"Don't be discouraged. Getting first place doesn't mean he can obtain the immortal's legacy," someone said unconvincingly.

"That is true, but the first winner will definitely benefit a lot."

Most people were jealous when Zen left. Few had even coldly mocked him.

Letitia's smile didn't fade for a long time, her eyes shining like two crescent moons. Her amused joy wasn't because Zen had come first, but because he had smiled at her just before he took the final step.

When Zen had been enveloped by the azure light, his entire body seemed to disintegrate into tiny bits that kept rising.

This method of transportation was very similar to the one used on the fifth floor of the Dragon Soar Arena. Was this also a kind of long-distance transportation? Would he be transported to the Upper World?

But as he looked around him, Zen soon understood that it was only a kind of short-distance teleportation. He hadn't felt the passage of time then, but he was sure it hadn't been this short the last time he had been transported from the Dragon Soar Arena to the Upper World.

Now, Zen found himself standing in a dark palace. Waves of cold wind blew over him, and he saw a huge coffin standing in front of him.

"This is the immortal's coffin? It's so big!" Zen muttered curiously. The scene reminded him of the fairy palace where everything was incomparably huge.

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