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   Chapter 796 Why Are You Crying

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Zen had underestimated the tricks of the immortal.

Until now, he had blocked a few attacks by relying heavily on his special body.

Usually, only very sharp attacks would cause substantial damage to him. For example, it was easy to pierce through his body or slice small wounds, but it would be very difficult to tear his body apart.

Eddie, for example, as the number one warrior in the Central Region, might be able to break a top-grade fairy sword, because the sword was too thin and easily broken. But what if it was a top-grade fairy metal pillar as thick as a bucket?

Eddie could bore a hole into the metal pillar, but he would not be able to break it.

As for Zen, his body was equivalent to a top-grade fairy metal pillar. If someone wanted to forcibly break his body, how terrifying would the force be?

However, this killing force from the immortal was still beyond Zen's wildest imagination.

The powerful killing force caused the flesh in Zen's arm to crack. His bones were harder than steel, but the pressure of this force still caused them to crack.

What was even more frightening was that this killing force continued to pierce through him. Not only did it attack both of Zen's arms, it also pierced through his back. It was as if there was a giant invisible hand squeezing Zen tightly in its palm.

Crack, crack, crack, crack!

His spine was cracking under the pressure of the killing force.


Even though she knew that Zen couldn't resist the immortal's destructive power, Letitia still couldn't help but burst into tears when she saw him struggling.

Letitia was just an ordinary woman. While it was still true that she practically flew her way up as she was now one of the top warriors in the Central Region, this was never part of her plan. Her warrior spirit started to develop when the Cloud Hall discovered her talents.

Even then, she yearned for a peaceful life. She wanted someone by her side—someone she could argue with when she was not happy, and someone who would remind her to wear a jacket when it was cold outside.

Zen, perhaps, could be the person she was looking for. He could be the man to bring warmth to her life.

Letitia was devastated to watch Zen getting killed.

Other people were in stunned disbelief.

Everyone's mind was still on Elderly Luna getting killed. They couldn't believe that a warrior at the Life and Death Realm could get

ght curtain clashed with the invisible hand again.




The light curtain enveloping Zen began to fight the killing power of the immortal fiercely.

The whole chasm was shaking because of the two strong forces. The discs where people were standing as well as the walls started to tremble.

When the warriors at the Life and Death Realm felt the powerful force, their faces turned pale.

What kind of method did Zen use to be able to resist the power of an immortal?

Zen didn't invent this method. It came from the amulet bestowed upon him by the leader of the Dragon Abyss Palace. Like the power of the immortal, it was also a technique from the Upper World.

Zen, who lay under the light curtain, looked extremely shocked He never thought that a small amulet was capable of such a strong force.

In reality, this amulet had become Zen's substitute. Not only did it take all the damage that Zen dealt, but it had also helped him completely cancel out the destructive force.

However, the immortal's killing power was still immensely strong. It wouldn't stop until it killed Zen.

The collision continued for a while. The invisible giant hand's strength gradually faded as the chaos started to dissipate.

After a few moments, the light curtain surrounding Zen also disintegrated. The amulet bestowed by the leader of the Dragon Abyss Palace also shattered into pieces. It could not protect him forever as it could only be used one time.

Zen, who had already gotten up, couldn't be bothered by anything else. He just stared at Letitia and smiled, "Why are you crying?"

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