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   Chapter 795 Annihilation

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If they had battled outside the celestial tomb, Zen probably wouldn't have been able to defeat the prince.

Despite his strength, it would still be impossible for him to be a worthy contender against a warrior at the Virtual Tribulation Realm.

The conditions that the celestial tomb had provided greatly increased Zen's chances. In the tomb, the prince's cultivation level had been suppressed and was only at the early stage of the Internal Elixir Realm. Zen's cultivation level, on the other hand, had not been suppressed at all. This greatly narrowed the gap between the two.

Thus, Zen had been able to defeat the prince and he knew the exact reason why.

However, the others weren't aware of such information.

"Am I daydreaming?"

"A warrior at the Illuminating Soul Realm defeated a warrior at the Virtual Tribulation Realm? Even more, the latter was actually from one of the divine kingdoms!"

"It can only be described as inconceivable!"

All the warriors sported puzzled looks on their faces and were at a loss for words. They were completely unable to comprehend how Zen had exactly defeated the prince.

The Holy Maiden let out a heart-wrenching cry. "I will flatten the entire Sky Northern Region!" she declared. "I will kill everyone in your clan and annihilate your sect!"

Zen's eyes met her malicious gaze. "Let's talk when you've accomplished that," he said lightly.

For their trip to the celestial tomb, five guards at the Life and Death Realm had accompanied the prince and the Holy Maiden for their protection. They had originally thought that the trip would pass with no hitches. Never did they ever think that the one they were tasked to protect would be killed, not by the tribulations of the mysterious and dangerous celestial tomb, but by the hands of a mere warrior at the Illuminating Soul Realm.

What was even more unacceptable was that the two of them had faced each other fairly on the battle stage.

What was exactly going on with the Sky Northern Region? How could such a person be born? Because of the sudden turn of events, the warriors at the Life and Death Realm started to think about long-term problems.

For the Holy Maiden though, there was only one thing on her mind and that was to seek revenge for what Zen had done to the prince.

Back in the divine kingdom, her status was very high, only second to the crown prince.

There were a lot of princes in the divine kingdom. For mortals, an emperor only had a lifespan of about a hundred years and would be able to produce a few dozen children at most. However, a warrior emperor had a lifespan of a few maybe even ten thousand years. Thus he would be able to have many women and countless c

Sutra of Empyrean Goddess to Letitia after all.

The curse Letitia had unleashed was done at the cost of burning her blood essence.

For all her life, the Holy Maiden would become Letitia's target, until her death.

Moreover, both of them would be covered in curses and they would spend a third of every year being affected by the extremely painful cold poison.

Although Zen didn't exactly know what Letitia had done, he could vaguely guess that the price she had to pay wasn't small.

At that moment, even his heart had also been filled with fear.

The methods of an immortal were too powerful and he wasn't really sure if he could rely on his tricks this time around.

The Holy Maiden gave Zen a mournful smile, but her eyes were cold with resentment and fury. "Die!" she shouted, pointing at him.

He had killed her friend after all, so it was only natural for her to wish Zen death.

As the Holy Maiden declared her choice, everyone turned to look at Zen.

A light breeze suddenly brew. Zen felt an invisible force rush towards him as if some kind of invisible death god had come to his side.

"What a powerful strength!"

Although it was invisible, Zen could clearly sense its existence as it came from the side of his head.

He almost raised his hands subconsciously to cover his head because of it.

His body had just undergone the tempering of the Fiery Star Flame and he, after absorbing so much, had become a top-grade fairy weapon. In fact, he was only a step away from becoming a sacred weapon so he didn't believe that this invisible force had the power to snuff him out in just a blink of an eye.


Under the suppression of the huge, otherworldly force, two bloody wounds suddenly appeared on Zen's arms that spurted blood as if they were fountains.

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