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   Chapter 794 Cultivation Method Of The Dragon Lineage Human

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In the beginning, seven divine kingdoms coexisted peacefully with the Dragon Lineage Human. However, when the Dragon Lineage Human perished and three of the seven divine kingdoms were destroyed, the remaining four divine kingdoms were left.

These four divine kingdoms were located within the main continent of this world and their riches far surpassed the resources of the entire Central Region.

The inheritance of these four divine kingdoms could be traced back to the beginning of the world itself.

As the prince of the divine kingdom waved his serpentine sword, a surge of life vitality burst forth and transformed into a massive snake behind him.

The snake was extremely strange—it had a huge dragon's head but the thin body of a serpent; its eyes were demonic red, and it emitted an astonishingly terrifying aura.

"Demonic dragon..." Imogen murmured in horror as she looked at the horrifying monster.

Letitia bit her lips. "Zen…" she whispered, glancing at him in worry.

All the other warriors at the Life and Death Realm from the Central Region, including Eddie and the Ancient Tycoon, sported serious expressions on their faces.

"The divine kingdom's martial arts heritage is truly formidable!" someone exclaimed. "Although the prince is only at the early stage of Virtual Tribulation Realm and his cultivation level is suppressed, he can still erupt with such strength. He cannot be underestimated."

"Zen is screwed! He is only at the Illuminating Soul Realm. Moreover, his cultivation level has been suppressed," another warrior also said. "It's weird though. The prince is still taking him so seriously. Isn't this the same as using a sledgehammer on a gnat?"

"No matter what, Zen is dead for sure. He shouldn't have provoked the people from the divine kingdom from the start. They have a far superior foundation than all of us."

Zen, on the other hand, wasn't paying any attention to the others' discussion. He remained on high alert and on the defensive as he faced the prince and his demonic dragon.

If the prince had just been some random warrior at the Virtual Tribulation Realm, there wouldn't have been any need for Zen to fear him. After their cultivation levels were suppressed, everyone's cultivation level would drop by a whole realm. In theory, the prince should be at the early stage of the Internal Elixir Realm.

Zen's cultivation level hadn't been suppressed, so much so that he could instantly kill such an opponent.

However, the prince seemed like someone extraordinary. The cultivation method he used had a domineering aura to it and Zen could somehow feel a faint sense of familiarity from the demonic dragon. It was actually related to his bloodline.

While Zen tried to focus on his enemy, he was also pondering on why his bloodline had a trace of connection with the demonic dragon.

"Because the cultivation method the prince cultivates is something that the Dragon Lineage Human left behind," the cyan dragon suddenly said.

His words surprised Zen.

"A cultivation method left behind by the Dragon Lineage Human?" he asked.

"That's right," the cyan dragon confirmed. "The Dragon Lineage Human was comple

he prince's face blanched and he quickly ran away. His fleeing figure annoyed Zen greatly.

This prince supposedly had a noble background and great talent. Ever since he was young, he had always used his privilege to crush others. Because of this, he had forgotten how to gauge the strength of others and could only blindly rush forward in an attempt to crush his opponents. He wasn't stupid but he could be cowardly since every time he came across someone he couldn't defeat, he would start acting dumb and try to run away.

Zen shook his head and rushed towards the prince to block his path. "Are you really at the Virtual Tribulation Realm? You are too weak for me."

And with that, Zen raised his sword once again and swung it down.

"NO!" Elder Gong's voice rang loudly in the chasm and made Zen hesitate with his strike.

"If you kill him, I will definitely kill you," the Holy Maiden declared, staring coldly at Zen.

A moment's hesitation was all it took for the prince to successfully dodge Zen's sword, twisting his body like a snake in the face of danger. However, even if his body was able to avoid the blade, his mind was suddenly wracked with pain. It was so intense that it felt as if his soul was being torn apart.

The prince writhed on his knees, his eyes rolling back in a vain attempt to block the pain. Suddenly, a silver light flashed and pierced through his head—Zen had cleanly ended the challenge with a broken, flying knife.

The truth was that the prince's strength wasn't much worse than Zen's even if his cultivation level had been suppressed. It was only because of his conceited nature that he was defeated since he hadn't expected Zen to be so strong and was thus caught off guard.

However, even if the prince had gone all out, he still might've lost. Zen's cultivation level, after all, hadn't been suppressed.

Silence rang in the depths of the chasm.

For a warrior at the Illuminating Soul Realm to be able to kill someone at the Virtual Tribulation Realm was truly unbelievable, and everyone could only stare at Zen in disbelief, rendered speechless by his abilities.

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