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   Chapter 793 Pulverize You (Part Two)

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"Whether he survives or not, it's only him who would have to endure it in the end. So, let's just enjoy the show."

Way up above this abyssal place, an enormous disk-shaped platform appeared. Zen and the prince of the divine kingdom then, in turn, went ahead and stepped foot onto the platform.

"I always feel you are annoying, but it appears that you have fortunately pulled through and taken the lead." The prince of the divine kingdom let out a daunting chuckle, "But I'm afraid this will be the end of the line for you. This is where you're going to bite the dust."

"What makes you say that?" Zen asked him, giving him a look of suspicion.

"Because I am going to kill you, that's why. Haha!" The second the prince of the divine kingdom was done talking, he instantly became exceedingly more aggressive and vicious. As a capable master of the Virtual Tribulation Realm, how on earth could he possibly take someone he considered insignificant such as Zen seriously? Zen could be comparable to an ant at the Illuminating Soul Realm in his eyes.

Hearing such an arrogant statement, Zen simply rolled his eyes, thinking that the prince was somewhat of a halfwit. But if he was going to be completely honest, there were times when it would be much more enjoyable to poke fun at some idiot just like him. At the thought of that, with a single light tap on his space ring, he brought out his sword, one which was a low-grade sacred weapon.

"You chose a sacred weapon, huh? Quite fascinating! I never would've thought that a sacred sword would be so run-of-the-mill in that Central Region of yours. Even a no-name warrior in the Illuminating Soul Realm could wield a sacred weapon! That's ridiculous!" Thereafter, the prince of the divine kingdom had drawn out a sword as well, but his was a snake-shaped one. This sword in particular had a curved blade akin to the body of a snake, with a golden embellishment right in the middle. This was another low-grade treasured sword categorized as a sacred weapon as well.

The fact of the matter was that the prince of the divine kingdom had deliberately planned to show off his abilities in f

of the four divine kingdoms, there were only a select few who had succeeded in understanding the first level of the Space Law. But it should be noted that this small group of people had all been old men who had either lived for several thousand years or maybe even over ten thousand years!

Just how old could this kid standing in front of him possibly be? His appearance was just like that of a teenage boy! What had he done to receive such great luck in a short span of time? If he recalled correctly, wasn't the Sky Northern Region nothing more than desolate wasteland? How on earth could he have come across such a great opportunity?

The prince was at such a loss for words, standing there in complete disbelief, wondering if his eyes could have just been playing tricks on him. Be that as it might, the resolve he had to end Zen's life had not faltered, and he would never let anything stand in his way. As it turned out, Zen had mastery of the Space Law, who cared about that? That was nothing but a trivial matter. His cultivation level was so much lower than his. So, it should make no difference no matter how many laws he had comprehended. In the end, it would still be of no use when fighting against the prince of the divine kingdom!

"You can go to hell! I'm going to pulverize you, puny ant!" With his snake-shaped sword, the prince of the divine kingdom then bolted toward Zen once more to come at him head-on.

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