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   Chapter 792 Pulverize You (Part One)

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Zen wasn't that familiar on how to make use of his new obtained magic vision. The only thing he noticed was that his eyes had gotten rejuvenated the second the sap went into his eyes.

The moment it finally came to an end, he proceeded to open his eyes. But there was so little change in him, making it feel almost unnoticeable.

"The reward I receive is just getting my eyes cleansed?" Zen was in a state of confusion.

"Ha-ha, you may not realize it right now, but this is such a really good reward. From now on, you'll be able to see through most kinds of illusions using your keen eyesight. I can assure you that it's going to be quite useful! At the very least, it's still much, much better compared to simply receiving another five hundred years of lifespan," the cyan dragon flatly remarked.

'He seriously thinks this is better than getting five hundred years of life?' Zen was at such a loss for words.

Without a doubt, five hundred years of lifespan would indeed be considered as a hefty reward if you asked any of the warriors in the Virtual Tribulation Realm or even the Life and Death Realm.

However, in the eyes of a being that was in a completely different level just like the cyan dragon, five hundred years passed by so fast, so it wouldn't be something to write home about. Taking that into consideration, the five hundred years of lifespan didn't sound as enticing as the magic vision Zen had been given.

As Zen's eyes fluttered, the mysterious green light within his pupils faded away little by little, retracting into the depth of his eyes.

When Zen's round had wrapped up, he had already taken the lead, taking the first place for the meantime, ahead of the others with his 66 steps.

Letitia, on the other hand, due to having accursed luck at one point, had currently gotten into second place with 63 steps in total.

Next to her was the Holy Maiden, representing the divine kingdom, who had taken third place. Fortunately, the curse she sustained had been lifted by Simon, so she would most probably move forward even more in the upcoming round.

Upon realizing that Zen had been in the lead, the prince of the divine kingdom looked sullen, the killing intent he was emitti

much capable of standing up against a warrior at the late stage of the Internal Elixir Realm. As Brent's cultivation base had gotten suppressed within Mist's celestial tomb, Zen would end up being quite a formidable opponent if he somehow managed to make it through the first round against him.

The minute Zen found out that the prince of the divine kingdom intended to issue a challenge to him, a flash of green light suddenly glimmered in his eyes. An air of self-confidence had been embedded into his eyes. Other than that, one wouldn't really see much of a reaction on his face. In fact, he seemed rather calm.

In regards to the other warriors, it could be said that they didn't have much faith in Zen's future.

"If a master of the Virtual Tribulation Realm is to be interested in doing away with a warrior in the Illuminating Soul Realm, wouldn't that be just child's play? It would be something as simple as crushing an ant!"

"That's not necessarily true. Zen had the ability to battle a warrior from the Internal Elixir Realm while he was still just at the fourth level of Illuminating Soul Realm. You have to remember that right now, he has already reached the seventh level of the Illuminating Soul Realm..."

"Does any of that matter? I guess it's safe to say that he has enough strength to lay waste to a warrior at the premium stage of the Internal Elixir Realm, but does that really mean he could come up to fight against a Virtual Tribulation Realm warrior?"

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