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   Chapter 791 Eye Washing

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All those years back, Simon had been chased ruthlessly by many martial artists. He had been running the whole time, hiding in the Dreamy Swampland and cultivating. There he had grabbed many great opportunities, and he had even obtained two fierce beasts, which were as powerful as the martial artists at the Virtual Tribulation Realm. Simon didn't trust the other warriors at all. In comparison, he felt that beasts were more trustworthy than humans.

Gong hesitated for a moment. In fact, as a martial artist of the divine kingdom, there was no difference between the Holy Maiden and him. With their experience, they could definitely look down on a great number of martial artists from the Central Region. However, Gong was not as foolish as the prince of the divine kingdom. If he did not compromise in this situation, it was clear that he would suffer a loss.

"Alright, I swear with my warrior spirit!" Gong said through clenched teeth.

With the deal finalized, Simon chuckled and pointed at the Holy Maiden, shooting a white ray of light towards her.

The light continued to climb up along the Holy Maiden's clothes, finally spreading over her head. The dark cloud there in which black lightning shone got cleansed instantly.

The Holy Maiden finally let out a sigh of relief and then stared fiercely at Zen.

However, Zen ignored her fury. He sat on the disc and continued to watch the next person throw the dice.

A white-haired elder from the Mysterious Luna Hall rolled a three. When the black disc appeared, everyone present offered a silent prayer. Although the elder had reached the Virtual Tribulation Realm, he wouldn't be able to bear this severe punishment.

The elder was hesitant. Gritting his teeth, he stepped onto the black disc. However, this was a different disc because there was a white line on it.

Just as the elder was about to step on it, a voice commanded, "You can kill anyone here."

The mood in the crowd immediately changed as they heard this announcement.

They had learned how powerful the immortal could be. If the elder followed the rules and chose someone, none of them would be able to resist the immortal's strength.

The white-haired elder let out a long sigh of relief, his face revealing his excitement. "Ha-ha. I didn't think I would have the chance to kill someone! Who should I kill?" he wondered out loud, scratching his chin.

Eddie, Simon and other Life and Death Realm warriors were nervous wrecks.

As they had reached the Life and Death Realm, their lives and

This is the legendary divine tree of the Wood Divine Kingdom! Oh my god! How could he use the sap of the divine tree to wash his eyes? What a waste!"

The Holy Maiden and the prince of the divine kingdom also stared blankly at the scene unfolding before them. The prince turned his head and asked, "Gong, are you sure this is the divine tree?"

Gong nodded and said, "Yes! I'm pretty sure! The divine tree appears once every five hundred years, and every time it appears, a drop of its sap will fall from the branch. The Wood Divine Kingdom has accumulated and constantly consumed the sap for more than ten thousand years, so now it only has a dozen drops."

On hearing this, the other warriors were stunned.

The Wood Divine Kingdom had only about ten drops of the divine tree's sap. But Zen had just washed his eyes with dozens of drops.

The emerald green sap flowed unceasingly into Zen's eyes, creating an icy and comfortable feeling within him.

As the sap slowly seeped in, he could feel that a kind of special energy bubbling up in his eyes, and the rest of the sap slowly drained out of his eyes and dripped into the abyss.

The corner of Gong's mouth twitched at this scene. It was truly an enormous waste.

The Wood Divine Kingdom collected the sap to make pills or to directly swallow them. They would never waste a single drop. However, after washing his eyes, Zen actually allowed the sap to flow out and fall into the abyss.

If it weren't for the fact that Zen was his enemy, he would have reprimanded him for wasting something so precious.

After all the sap had flowed out, Zen's tightly shut eyes slowly opened. Now there was a hint of green in his pupils.

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