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   Chapter 790 Deals

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If it were Dillon, he would first think about whether it was worth offending the people from the divine kingdom, and then come up with an appropriate solution. After all, even though the World Commercial Alliance was the strongest power in the Central Region, offending the people from the divine kingdom would invite trouble.

If it were Haber, he probably wouldn't say anything, but he definitely wouldn't help them get rid of the Holy Maiden's bad luck.

But it was none other than Hobbes—the most hot-tempered of them all.

Hobbes could never stand these people of the divine kingdom from the very beginning. However, these people hadn't targeted him, so he didn't want to provoke them for no reason.

But the handsome man wanted him to help the Holy Maiden. However, he was rude and brash. He even called him "Fatty!" Other than his wife, no one else had ever dared to call him that.

"You! I am the..." The handsome man was just about to reveal his identity when Hobbes interrupted him.

"I don't care even if you're the crown prince of the divine kingdom. It's useless!" he spat.

Only moments ago, Zen had mocked the handsome man by calling him "the prince of the divine kingdom." Now Hobbes had gone a step further and called him "the crown prince." They didn't give a damn about this stranger's identity.

The man was livid! The truth was that he really was a prince of one of the four divine kingdoms.

Elder Gong interrupted, "Friend, can you expel our Holy Maiden's bad luck? We will certainly reward you."

Hot-tempered as he was Hobbes was not stupid. He had been given the chance to undo someone's bad luck, and there were two people in front of him who were cursed. He had to compare the two first to determine who he would help.

"Really? I wonder how you will thank me," Hobbes asked with a fiendish expression.

How could Elder Gong think of a way to thank Hobbes at such short notice? Before he even had the chance to speak, a calm voice came from the other side, "When I have time, I'll help you set up a sect-protecting array!"

It was Zen who spoke.

Hobbes' eyes lit up at his offer. The Cloud Hall's sect-protecting array was indeed a powerful thing. It was said that it had almost killed Eddie. The World Commercial Alliance was obviously lying if they said they had no interest in it.

If it weren't for the trip to Immortal Mist's celestial tomb, most of the fourth-grade sects would have already prepared to visit the Cloud Hall. No matter what the cost, they would ask Zen to set up a sect-protecting array for them.

In fact even some third-grade sects were planning to visit Zen.

Although not as powerful as the fourth-grade sects, some third-grade sects had secret treasures of which no one was aware. They had the opportunity to move

gdom. For example, Kenneth of the Cloud Sect was a warrior at the late stage of the Internal Elixir Realm. He could easily overthrow the Burning Sky Empire, but he belonged to the Cloud Hall and would never do such a thing.

But to set up a divine kingdom... It was a Herculean task.

First of all, you had to have formidable strength to set up a divine kingdom. Only when one's own might was powerful enough would he be able to defeat all the warriors in the world and make them bow down to him.

Even the four existing divine kingdoms were slowly built up over tens of thousands of years and not just by snapping one's fingers.

"Friend, the establishment of a divine kingdom isn't something that can be accomplished overnight, so your request is a bit unreasonable…"

Before Elder Gong finished his words, Simon sneered and said, "If that's the case, I'll just find someone to use it." Saying this, Simon reached out his hand.

"Wait" Elder Gong cried out. "Friend, I'm telling you the truth. I would never lie to you on purpose. It's indeed impossible for me to help you build a divine kingdom. What I can offer you is the internal version of your cultivation method," he offered.

"What? Internal version?" Simon was stunned.

Elder Gong smiled wistfully. "The Scripture of Five Poisons is indeed a very precious cultivation method, but within our divine kingdom, we not only have an external version that you have cultivated, there is also an internal version. This internal version is exquisite, surpassing the external version by far more. Some records in the external version are not so accurate, but you can find the correct ones in the internal version."

Simon considered Elder Gong's offer for a long time before saying, "If you swear on your warrior spirit to fulfill your promise, I will immediately disperse the Holy Maiden's misfortune."

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