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   Chapter 789 Dispel The Bad Luck

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Killing Zen would do no good. All they needed was to find a way to dispel the Holy Maiden's bad luck.

However, since Zen provoked the members of the divine kingdom, he had to pay an apt price.

According to the people of the divine kingdom, as long as any of them got a 'free challenge', Zen was destined to die.

In the divine kingdom's group, the weakest of the lot were the handsome man and the Holy Maiden. However, they were both Virtual Tribulation Realm martial artists. As for the black-robed people behind them, they had all reached the Life and Death Realm.

"Come what may, I want him dead!" the Holy Maiden of the divine kingdom stated in a cold voice.

Zen pretended not to hear their threats. Instead, he quietly settled himself on the round disc and waited for the light to shine on him once again.

Next, they threw the dice, but the result wasn't in their favor.

One of the Ethereal Spirit Sect disciples got four dots. He stepped on the Heavenly Thunder Killing Array. Despite his cultivation being at the middle level of the Virtual Tribulation Realm, he was straightaway struck to death by the lightning.

Next, an elder of the World Commercial Alliance got three dots and suffered a severe punishment. Although he had endured the round, he was heavily injured and now seemed on the brink of death.

Then, it was Imogen's turn again. She was punished for the second time after she threw the dice, but with her formidable strength, she was able to survive it.

The consecutive punishments worried everyone present on the sidelines.

Just then, the beam of light shone on Letitia once again.

Fortune had not been on her side. Her luck had been remarkable before, but the result this time was not good.

She threw the dice lightly and it stopped at three.

Three discs appeared in front of Letitia. The third disc seemed to be encircled with a faint layer of icy mist.

Calmly, she stepped onto the third disc.

"Extreme Icy Zone."

Zen set his mind to rest upon hearing this. It was just as the cyan dragon had said. No matter how many dots Letitia threw, she would suffer a punishment. Among these six steps alone, there were probably six different punishments waiting for her. Still, her luck could help her identify the easiest punishment.

Zen was not too aware of how difficult the Extreme Icy Zone was. It seemed a tough punishment for other warriors, but it couldn't be that hard for Letitia. After all, she was a martial artist practicing cultivation methods of ice system.

Letitia's figure was soon enveloped in layers of dazzling ice light. Zen could hear t

e used up the protective treasure."

The handsome man's face whipped in Zen's direction, whom he stared at with a fierce expression. "It's all because of that guy!" he shouted. "He must pay the price for it with his blood!"

Meanwhile, the dice stopped at five. Hobbes, from the World Commercial Alliance, had been the one to throw it.

The three stout heads of the World Commercial Alliance had all been quite lucky. Dillon had taken thirty steps, Hobbes thirty-three, while Haber had taken twenty-nine.

Five discs appeared in front of Hobbes, and the fifth one was white.

"White color? What does it indicate?" Hobbes was an impatient person. He stepped forward without hesitation.

"You have an opportunity to disperse the negative effect on any person."

The people of Cloud Hall and the divine kingdom looked on, their eyes shining with excitement.

The damned calamity curse was indeed devastating. If the Dark Zone were to appear again, the Holy Maiden would certainly lose her life.

The same was true for Letitia. This time, she had been blessed enough to come out of the Extreme Icy Zone unharmed, but what about the next time? And the other times to come?

Both the Holy Maiden and Letitia had an urgent need to dispel their misfortunes.

"Fatty, dispel our Holy Maiden's bad luck, right now!" the handsome man spat out, staring at Hobbes anxiously. He must have a screw loose somewhere!

Tracing the voice to its owner, the crowd in the abyss looked at him like he was an idiot. Even the five Life and Death Realm elders behind him held contempt in their gazes.

Hearing the insulting command, Hobbes laughed darkly. "Who the hell are you? And why should I bother chasing away your Holy Maiden's misfortune?"

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