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   Chapter 788 Calamity

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Now, it was the Holy Maiden's turn to roll the dice again.

The Holy Maiden blinked her eyes and the dice once again began rolling in the air.

There was dead silence in the air as the dice rolled, changing the numbers and then finally stopping with six dots on top. The Holy Maiden smiled profoundly and stepped forward as she said, "Six again!" Then six round discs appeared on by one in the air and the sixth one emitted a faint yellow light.

"Throw the dice again!"

The Holy Maiden glanced at Letitia with a scornful smile on her face.

Letitia stood on top of a disc; her expressionless eyes met the Holy Maiden's. No one could see through her poker face.

Soon after, the dice in the center of the chasm rolled again, and there was dead silence once more. The dice began slowing down until it finally stopped rolling displaying the five dots.

The Holy Maiden's face darkened as the number "five" unveiled before her eyes. There was no way that her luck could be inferior to that woman in the Central Region. She wouldn't accept it.

The transparent round discs appeared one after another in front of the Holy Maiden. As the fifth disc appeared, it began to emit a brown light.

The Holy Maiden didn't like the color. What was more, there could be a punishment hidden within it.

If it was up to her, she wouldn't step on it. However, she had no choice but to do it. Despite her reluctance, she still stepped on it.

"Calamity! You can release a calamity on another player and reduce the person's luck for a short period of time," a faint voice sounded in everyone's ears.

"Oh? That means I can reduce someone else's luck?" The Holy Maiden's eyes slightly narrowed as she gazed on Letitia. She looked determined and a sly smile crossed her face.

The people from the divine kingdom knew that this was a test of luck. No matter how strong and powerful one could be, without luck on his side, he would surely fail the test. If one was lucky enough to pass this test, he would gain great opportunities ahead of him.

It didn't matter what motives or plots Immortal Mist had, or how powerful his methods were. After experiencing the Five Aging Processes—Filthy Clothing, Falling Hair, Sweating Armpit, Stinky Body, and Restless Mind—he would surely have no chance of reviving at all.

This was the law of life. Even an existence more powerful than immortals wouldn't be able to bring someone back to life.

It wasn't only Zen who guessed that there was some problem with the celestial tomb. Everyone else did. However, these people still decided to explore the celestial tomb despite the horrors that might await them.

The Holy Maiden and her companions also had the same thoughts as everyone else. Perhaps they even knew some secrets that no one else knew.

The Holy Maiden smiled coldly and pointed at Letitia as she said, "Let's see what she can do now! Time to reduce her luck!"

When Zen heard this, he was suddenly filled with rage. He didn't stop himself from saying, "Don't you dare!"

The Holy Maiden giggled. "But I will! Don't think you can threaten me, yo

Holy Maiden.

"Do you seriously think I'm that stupid? Or maybe you are stupid for thinking that I would fall for that." Zen pointed to his brain and laughed. "If you really think there are more precious things than what you can get in this celestial tomb, then why are you here yourselves?"

The man's face darkened. He then answered, "Friend, you seem not to know who we are. What I am offering you is anyone's dream! You better make the right decision now or you'll regret it!"

The other cultivators at the Life and Death Realm of the divine kingdom were also coldly staring at Zen.

"This is the Holy Maiden of the divine kingdom. So are you a prince of the divine kingdom. But it doesn't matter to me! Use the calamity on her!" Zen pointed to the Holy Maiden.


A small black cloud with black lightning suddenly appeared above the Holy Maiden's head.

She was having a taste of her own medicine. It was like karma had worked its way to her after what she did to Letitia.

Looking at the dark cloud above her head, the Holy Maiden screamed sternly, "Elders! Kill him!"

The five elders at the Life and Death Realm behind her all took out their weapons at the same time. The Holy Maiden's anger was not something to be taken lightly.

However, Elder Gong, who was closest to the Holy Maiden, said helplessly, "Miss, we can't break the enchanted barrier set up by Immortal Mist. Now is not the right time to kill him!"

"I don't care!" the Holy Maiden said. She was the Holy Maiden of a certain great clan, and no one had dared to disrespect her before.

She was used to people buttering her up and this was the first time that someone had dared to offend her. So, she wouldn't listen to Elder Gong despite knowing for herself that the elder could be probably right. First, someone had dared to use calamity on her. Then now, one of her elders had dared to persuade her to back off. She couldn't swallow her pride in front of her people.

The handsome man coaxed, "Let's not be reckless. If I get a free challenge, I will help you kill him!"

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