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   Chapter 787 The Chosen One

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Eddie's face darkened, the killing intent in his heart growing even stronger. The Fiery Star Flame didn't kill Zen. He was really tough!

If he had the chance to kill Zen in the celestial tomb, he would have done it without any hesitation. Eddie was extremely careful. He wouldn't wait until Zen became really strong to challenge him.

If he didn't have the chance to kill Zen in the celestial tomb, Eddie would have to come up with another way to break the Cloud Hall's sect-protecting array. Either way, he would not spare Zen's life.

The beam of light continued spinning rapidly. After Zen's round was over, it landed on the short man—the Poison King Simon.

This time, Simon got the number four. But the fourth disk was red!

Seeing this, many people secretly let out a sigh of relief. Simon had held a deep enmity with the warriors of the Central Region. If he were left alive, it would be a disaster. However, he was a Life and Death Realm master, so it still remained to be seen whether he could get through this time.

Everyone assumed that the red disk meant that it was some kind of a punishment for Simon. However, when he stepped on it, a voice suddenly rang in everyone's ears, "Free challenge."

"What?" "Free challenge?"

"So does that mean Simon can challenge whoever he wants?"

"This is worrying. There are too many people who have offended him back then in the Central Region."

Many warriors' faces fell. They had thought that Simon would be punished, but instead he was being given the right to challenge anyone he wanted.

The Ancient Tycoon of the World Commercial Alliance looked calm. He did not seem to be worried about Simon choosing him. But the three fat leaders of the World Commercial Alliance didn't look good. With the three of them working together, they could take on a Life and Death Realm warrior. But if they fought alone, none would be able to defeat Simon.

Simon chuckled and spoke menacingly, "Free challenge, who shall I choose?" His gaze swept past Imogen, Letitia, and the rest without a pause. However, when his eyes met Eddie's, he paused for a few seconds.

Eddie sneered and said, "You dare challenge me?"

"I will take your life sooner or later, but not now," came Simon's retort. His gaze swept over the people from the divine kingdom and fell upon the Bloodwood Cliff. Lady Poison-blood's face was drained of color when she noticed that Simon was staring at her, as if what she faced was a formidable foe.

Simon sneered, "Lady Poison-blood, what are you afraid of?"

"No, nothing..." Lady Poison-blood strived to appear calm as she spoke.

"You're afraid that I'll challenge you, aren't you?" Simon asked.

"You are a Life and Death Realm master while I am only in the Virtual Tribulation Realm. Of course, I

urn to throw the dice.


Letitia smiled and took six steps forward. On the sixth disk, a halo of yellow light shone brightly.

"Throw it again!"


"Throw it again!"



This scene left everyone speechless. Their eyes widened in surprise.

It was incredible that Letitia had such a good luck!

Letitia took 60 steps all together, including the previous 12 steps she got from last rounds!

Standing on the transparent disk, Letitia was very close to the center of the abyss. Everyone else was almost at the beginning of their journey. Zen probably felt the most depressed because he had only managed to take three steps away from the platform.

However, Letitia was already far ahead of them. Standing alone in the middle of the abyss, she became the center of attention!

"Letitia's luck is really great!"

"Don't joke. She is the chosen one of the Cloud Hall. I heard that Letitia comes from a common family without any strong background. She has managed to become one of the strongest women in the Central Region despite having such a low identity. How many can match her luck?"

"Oh my god! 60 steps! It seems like the game will end in 100 steps. If Letitia were to throw a few more rounds, she would probably pass the test, right?"

As the crowd discussed among themselves, the face of the Holy Maiden from the divine kingdom, had already completely darkened.

Women were sensitive creatures, and they liked to be the focus of everyone's attention.

Prior to Letitia's round, she had been the front runner. She did not expect another woman, merely an ant in her eyes, to have such a good luck. She was the Holy Maiden of a prominent clan. How could she be defeated by an ant?

A malicious light flashed in her eyes, and exactly at that moment, the beam of light from the dice stopped on her.

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