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   Chapter 786 Fiery Star Flame (Part Two)

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"Look. His body wasn't damaged at all. The flames were unable to harm him even a bit!"

"Yes, I don't get it! Even if Zen was a Life and Death Realm expert, he would still have been injured while trying to resist the Fiery Star Flame. Even in the best possible scenario, he wouldn't have ended up like this after his encounter, with all his clothes burnt out and his body completely fine. But somehow, I get the feeling that the aura from Zen's body has become even stronger!"

Apart from Letitia, all the other warriors were looking at Zen in shock and surprise, including Lady Poison-blood and the Holy Maiden of the divine kingdom.

The Holy Maiden of the divine kingdom looked at Zen, who was sitting not far away. For the first time now, there was surprise on her face.

It was just as the elegant man had said. In her opinion, everyone here was lowly like an ant. She was well aware that this round's assessment was about luck and fortune, but whose luck could be stronger than hers?

Even though that kid at the Illuminating Soul Realm did not have an extremely powerful luck factor and had taken only three steps after throwing the dice twice, his strength seemed unusual.

Besides the Holy Maiden, the handsome man, and several other martial artists from the divine kingdom were also stunned.

As an Illuminating Soul Realm practitioner, once he had entered the Mist Celestial Tomb and been suppressed by the energy that haunted its airs, Zen should only have been a nature creature, right? How could he possibly block the Fiery Star Flame?

Even a Life and Death Realm warrior would have found it difficult to resist the Fiery Star Flames. Therefore, it seemed extremely impossible that Zen could pas

ied with being able to become just a low-grade one, but he had never expected the effects of the flames to be so great that his body would temper itself into a high-grade fairy weapon.

No wonder he had felt a desperate longing for the Fiery Star Flame just now. At that time, he could not understand it, but now, he naturally did.

Once his body reached the strength of a high-grade fairy weapon, he was only one more step away from becoming a sacred weapon. For Zen, as the strength of his body increased, the amount of dragon scales he could borrow also increased.

A thousand? Two thousand? Five thousand?

What would happen when such a terrifying force was suddenly unleashed? Zen did not know if he could beat Eddie to death at this level just yet, but he licked his lips nonetheless; his gaze sweeping over Eddie who was standing not far away.

Eddie suddenly felt a hint of killing intent fall over him and his eyebrows knitted together. Of course he knew that this killing intent was coming from Zen who was standing close by. This little brat was becoming more and more unbridled with time and had begun to underestimate him now.

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