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   Chapter 785 Fiery Star Flame (Part One)

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The immortal did have special means and methods far beyond the imagination of the practitioners from Central Region.

Even the Virtual Tribulation Realm elders struggled under various punishments and most of them perished quickly.

However, the rewards they received were also incredible. Granting 500 years of lifespan as a reward in a single go was something that only a legendary immortal could do.

"I've never even heard of Fiery Star Flame before. I wonder what kind of flame it is."

"Whatever it is, Zen is going to die anyway, judging by the intensity I can see even from here. It's a pity, you know? Our Bloodwood Cliff was considering hiring him to build a sect-protecting array. We have even decided on a quite big budget."

"Why is Zen so unlucky?" Brent pursed his lips. He hadn't expected that Zen would have to face his punishment after a mere three steps.

Even Dillon from the World Commercial Alliance frowned and remarked, "I can see that his aura is vigorous and auspicious, and his karmic luck is extremely good. To be honest, even I have never seen anything like this before. I don't know why he has suddenly gotten so unlucky here."

The Ancient Tycoon looked at Zen who was surrounded by purple lights at the moment, and smiled faintly, "It is true. This kid's fortune is indeed very strong. But a single moment's luck doesn't mean anything. Only a lifetime's luck is the true luck."

Dillon didn't say anything, but in his heart, he was thinking, 'A lifetime's luck? Not a chance. He will have to survive this punishment first.'

Watching the purple flames float around him in midair, Zen squinted his eyes. His spiritual weapon body hadn't advanced any level for a long time. Although the red dragon had helped him to forge his body, he

hat this boy should belong to the latter…"

Letitia looked at the fading purple light, where Zen was standing, and clenched her fists tightly. Of course, she had investigated Zen before and knew that Zen's physique was very special. In Cloud Sect, his physique had been comparable to a spiritual weapon, invulnerable to swords and spears, and could even bear the burning effects of fire.

However, it was likely that the flames Zen could withstand were nothing compared to the Fiery Star Flame. Therefore, she wasn't so sure about whether Zen could withstand the Fiery Star Flame or not.

Letitia had initially opened her eyes wide and was staring at the purple light. However, all of a sudden, she turned her head, her face completely red.

What was that? Once the purple light had completely dissipated, Zen was sitting upright on the round disk, safe and sound. However, he was completely naked. The Fiery Star Flame had burned his clothes.

At this moment, Zen's body was clearly visible. The newly forged physical vessel was still emitting a faint afterglow. Seeing this sort of near-perfection, the crowd was stunned.

"This brat… how did he do that? What did he do?"

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