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   Chapter 784 Worry (Part Two)

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After Zen had pondered over the facts laid before him, the cyan dragon continued his spiel. "Strictly speaking, it is not wrong. With the usage of these two tests, the sects can easily cultivate Illuminating Soul Realm or Internal Elixir Realm disciples." The man started to look up, seemingly having a profound thought at the dragon's words. "With just a bit of luck, the sects might even cultivate an elder in Virtual Tribulation Realm one day. However, in the Genuine Dragon World, if we are to only examine these two aspects realistically, we will not be able to select a true elite." The cyan dragon finished while the game continued around them.

Practically speaking, it was relatively easy for sects to find themselves qualified disciples who were both persevering and good at utilizing their talents. However true this case might be, cultivating these disciples into the Internal Elixir Realm, or the Virtual Tribulation Realm, or even the Life and Death Realm, was never the ultimate goal. None of these accomplishments were enough as they all needed something greater to truly reach their goal.

In order to achieve this purpose, with the highest of ambitions, one needed to consider the third criterion: luck.

The scene that was currently happening on his line of sight acutely reminded the cyan dragon of the Genuine Dragon's Wheel of Fortune. It was vaguely similar to the game as of the moment. However, the difference remained at the fact that the martial artists who participated would not die. This was due to the fact that the unfortunate warriors would only end up being kicked out by the Wheel of Fortune.

It became crystal clear to him right at that moment. Obviously, the goal of Mist when imagining and creating this game akin to the Wheel of Fortune was one thing only: to be able to find the most fortunate martial artist.

Even if the martial artists present in the game had varying levels of skills, it was discernible that none of them were weak. Moreover, their own fortune was not too tragic, as far as Zen could tell. An example of this would be Brent, as he was quite fortunate on his own. More so, the fortune of the Holy Maiden from divine kingdom was beyond any of them could even fathom. With a single throw, she could consecutively proceed up to three times.

Reluctantly smiling, Zen shook his head before remarking, "It seems that I am not fortunate after all."

"You are wrong. Rather, it's the opposite," the cyan dragon frowned before speaking with seriousness once again. "It is not the case that only the people with whom everything goes well can be called lucky. Some people have many misfortun

falling from the skies.

At the same moment of chaos, a faint voice could be heard which then promptly exclaimed, "Fiery Star Flame!"

When he heard the voice, Eddie's eyebrows twitched in mild amusement. He gave Zen's troubled frame a cold stare, and then a mocking smile started to form at the corner of his mouth. The man inaudibly pondered while leaning his head on his palm, 'This brat… Lady Luck is not on his side today after all.'

Only those who had experienced the punishment could even fathom how difficult it was. In fact, up until that moment, the only person who had survived the merciless sentence was Eddie. It appeared to be the most challenging occurrence to ever befall them, as all the other warriors who had gone through the punishment inevitably died except him.

The man, full of mirth and satisfaction, crossed his arms against his chest and icily looked at him with a half-lidded gaze; he was definitely sure that Zen would not survive this encounter.

"I planned to kill you with my own hands, but you will die here as you turn into mere ashes scattered in the wind and at the bottom of our feet. This is the best you can hope for, right?" Despite his tone exuding indifference and callousness as he muttered to himself, Eddie was greatly satisfied deep down with the death of one of his enemies.

The two cultivators, Letitia and Imogen, glanced warily at each other. It seemed that they were both having the same concerns regarding the young man who was about to face his punishment. They did believe in Zen's luck, but at the same time, they were uncertain about him being able to withstand the burning of the Fiery Star Flame. Amidst the anxieties Letitia was harboring in her heart, she could not help but worry over Zen's fate.

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