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   Chapter 783 Worry (Part One)

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The woman clothed in black robes stood atop the disc as her gaze locked once more on the dice positioned in the middle of the abyss. As they all held their breath in anticipation of her next outcome, the dice began to rapidly spin once again.

After a while of tossing and turning, the dice gradually slowed to a stop.

One of the spectators gasped in wonder as the number that appeared on top of the cube was yet another success. "It's six again!"

"How is she so lucky?" another person wondered.

By this point, everyone watching the affair had more or less understood that they were engaging in a special game of Mist Celestial Tomb. As for why Mist had specifically designed this game, no one had a definite explanation. However, since everyone playing the game arrived at the same starting line, all they could think about was not falling behind the other participants.

Before the woman had started, the highest number of dots that a martial artist had thrown was a six. As luck would have it, this strange woman managed to obtain a second chance at throwing the dice right after throwing it once. It was indeed a subject of fascination to everyone who had witnessed the perplexing phenomena.

'Who would have thought that she would roll the dice and get another six?' an onlooker contemplated by himself as he scratched his chin absent-mindedly.

Not a long moment had passed by when another six discs appeared in front of the nonchalant woman dressed in black. Moreover, the last disk that emerged seemingly still had a faint golden glow surrounding it, as if a halo of yellow light had encircled the object.

Glancing at the newly materialized disk, the woman casually strode towards it without preamble. Immediately after she had fully stood on it, that voice rang out again.

"Throw the dice again."

Upon hearing this, almost everyone in the arena had groaned in great displeasure. "Really, again?" one of them grumbled in dissatisfaction and palmed his forehead. It seemed to be the case that they were having the same realization; this woman appeared to be even luckier than Letitia.

"Perhaps, is she cheating?" a member of the audience whispered conspiratorially to the person standing beside him.

"That would be impossible since this tomb was set up by an immortal

ened his posture and uttered, "Tell me."

The man had deeply contemplated by himself ever since the event had started about the possible reason why Mist would design such a game that resembled the act of gambling.

"This may look like a game, but strictly speaking, it should be a Wheel of Fortune," the cyan dragon stated straightforwardly.

Zen tilted his head to one side, his confusion becoming apparent as he asked once more, "Wheel of Fortune? What does that mean?" The man inquired with a new sense of boundless curiosity.

The cyan dragon replied with a resolved tone, "Look at it this way, Zen. In the eyes of martial artists, fortune may appear to be a bit mysterious, but it really does exist. In the Central Region, martial artists are usually assessed in two aspects. The first is their talent; the second is their willpower."

Zen nodded in understanding at what the cyan dragon had said. It was an accurate presumption that strengthening one's willpower was equally important if a martial artist wanted to get stronger. Otherwise, even if a martial artist had prodigious talent, he would only indulge in pleasure and meaningless desires if he had mediocre willpower. No matter how much potential a cultivator might have or how many battles he might go through, it would definitely be impossible to succeed if he didn't have a strong willpower.

With this inconceivable fact, all sects' first choice when recruiting disciples would be based on testing their individual talent, with the second being their willpower.

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