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   Chapter 782 Throw The Dice Again

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It had been a mistake to assume that they would be able to pass through the abyss safely by just throwing the dice. Everyone had greatly underestimated the situation they were all in.

The fate of the Mysterious Luna Hall's elder was a clear wake-up call for all of them present. Passing through the abyss wasn't to be taken lightly.

The disks served as deadly traps that might come out at any time and cost them their lives. The Blazing Thunder Prison that had appeared earlier had been so powerful that even a Life and Death Realm master wouldn't have the confidence to resist it.

It was a game of chance. As the beam of light continued spinning, several more people threw the dice and walked further towards the abyss. Fortunately, none encountered the Blazing Thunder Prison.

A few more made the gamble. Someone got the number one, and another got the number five. Soon enough, the beam of light pointed at Letitia.

Letitia shot the dice with a hit from her palm, watching as it rolled on the floor and stopped at the number four.

Four disks suddenly appeared in front of her: three were transparent while the fourth was a rich, emerald green.

The appearance of the emerald green disk made her hesitate. Just now, the Mysterious Luna Hall elder had stepped onto the fiery red disk, triggering the Blazing Thunder Prison. Who knew what was behind the emerald disk in front of her?

However, opportunity was always accompanied with risks. Letitia took a step and steeled herself - there was no way back.

The moment she stepped onto the emerald green disk, a voice echoed all throughout.

"Light of longevity. You are rewarded an extra 500 years of lifespan," it said as green light shot out from the disk and enveloped Letitia.

"Reward?" Zen murmured with astonishment

The realization hit everyone hard and their eyes were then filled with green envy.

After the violent punishment of Blazing Thunder Prison earlier, nobody would've thought that the emerald disk that had presented itself in front of Letitia would contain such a generous reward!

Five hundred years of lifespan!

There were many ways to increase one's lifespan in the Sky Northern Region such as Life Extension Pills and Long Life Pills.

Unfortunately, extending one's life this way was not so easy nor simple. The pills were extremely valuable and had limited effects. The Life Extension Pill, for example, could only be taken once to extend a person's life for mere three years. Any further intake of the pill after that would have no further effect. The Long Life Pill, on the other hand, could extend one's life for 20 more years but it came with a heavy side-effect. The pill contained an incurable poison that, once ingested, would permanently prevent the warrior from advancing their strength.

Only warriors who were desperate and at the end of their lifespan would dare take the Long Life Pill just so they would be able to linger on the earth for a bit longer. To gain extra years, one always had to trade in s

nt noises coming from the black mist as if Eddie was fighting against some extremely powerful beings.

Gradually, the phantoms started to disappear one by one, along with the Black Illusion. Once the mist had dissipated, Eddie was revealed, standing firmly on the disk with an expressionless face.

There were numerous gasps all around. "Eddie has survived!"

"He's too powerful! The Black Illusion is probably some kind of extremely powerful magic killing array but he was able to break through it just like that."

"He truly lives up to the name of top master in the Eastern Region."

Everyone was awed by Eddie's strength but it was only Eddie himself who knew what kind of crisis he had just encountered. All sorts of legendary beasts had appeared within the Black Illusion and attacked him all at once. Although the strength of these legendary beasts couldn't compare to the real thing, Eddie's strength had been greatly suppressed and had been equal to that of the late stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm instead of his Life and Death Realm.

He had to use a lot of cultivation methods to kill the legendary beasts one by one and the fight almost exhausted all of his skills before he managed to come out of the Black Illusion alive.

After his trial, the beam of light once again moved, now stopping at the woman in black from the divine kingdom.

It was unknown to all what kind of cultivation method she had mastered. The woman only shot an indifferent glance at the dice before it began to spin, as if pushed forward by her looks alone.

Soon, the dice gave a "6."

The woman only looked at the number and calmly walked forward once the six disks appeared in front of her. The sixth disk was a bright yellow color this time.

As soon as she stepped onto the yellow disk, the voice suddenly spoke, "Throw the dice again."

The woman in black faintly smiled, but the crowd was stunned. They all wondered why she had been treated differently and was not made to face any punishment or reward.

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