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   Chapter 781 The Number Of Dots

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Everyone's eyes were focused on the die, their faces puzzled.

It was strange that a six-sided die had appeared in this celestial tomb.

The die had spun slowly as it appeared, but it gradually slowed down. It finally came to a standstill, floating in the air and not moving one bit.

As everyone looked on in puzzlement, a ray of light shot out from the die. It was like a pointer, moving on the level curve and sweeping past everyone.

It passed by the people of the Bloodwood Cliff, the Ethereal Spirit Sect, Zen, Letitia, and everyone else.

The light rotated faster and faster, and when it reached a certain speed, it slowed down and finally stopped at the platform where an elder of the Black Mountain Sect stood.

The elder became nervous, clueless about what was going on.

"W-what is this?" he asked, puzzled.

No one could give him an answer. It was the first time that anyone who was present there had seen such a thing.

As time passed, the light that had shot out of the die began to jump and its color began to change. It slowly turned from a bright yellow to red, and the two colors flickered alternately.

The elder of the Black Mountain Sect began to panic at the change in the light beam. He looked at Raven, the sect head, and shouted in panic, "Sir, save me!"

Raven was not far from the elder. The problem was that the emerald enchanted barrier surrounding the platform could not be broken. So Raven couldn't help him even if he wanted to.

When the beam of light finally turned completely red, it shone bright, focusing on the body of the Black Mountain Sect elder. A horrifying amount of powerful energy erupted from the beam of light, instantly shattering the elder into pieces.

The shock registered on everyone's face at this.

Raven was wearing a mask, so it was impossible to see his expression. But he definitely had to be as stunned as everyone else.

The energy contained within the beam of light was something that no one could resist and was extremely terrifying.

Not to mention that the man who had just died was an elder of the Virtual Tribulation Realm. Even a Life and Death Realm expert wouldn't be able to block this beam of light.

What the hell was this? It seemed that whoever the beam of light was directed at had to die.

No one could answer this question. After the beam of light had instantly killed the Black Mountain Sect elder, it began to slowly spin again.

Everyone prayed nervously, 'Don't let the light shine on me!'

The beam of light started to slow down, sliding towards the C

o attack that die and get a number. They could then take a number of steps according to the die to walk forward.

They were relieved and when the beam of light began to spin again, they weren't as nervous anymore.

After Zen had taken two steps forward, the beam of light began to spin again. It spun continuously and finally landed on Brent, a disciple of the Ethereal Spirit Sect.

Brent smiled and punched the die, which rolled a few times in the air and finally revealed a number, six.

Soon after, six discs appeared in front of Brent. As he stepped forward, he smiled at Zen and teased, "It looks like I'm luckier than you."

Zen laughed lightly, not minding it at all.

Soon, the beam of light rotated for the fourth time, and it landed on an elder of the Mysterious Luna Hall.

The elder smirked and also threw a punch. As a Virtual Tribulation Realm martial artist, he used 80% of his strength in this punch, sending the die flying high into the air. It fell down heavily, revealing a number, three.

"Three, not bad!" The elder from Mysterious Luna Hall took three steps forward without hesitation.

However, just as he stepped onto the third disk, the disk suddenly changed color from translucent to a fiery red.

"Blazing Thunder Prison!" a faint voice said.


A ball of intense flames suddenly exploded around the elder, and at the same time, purple lightning bolts descended from the sky, one after the other, with cracking sounds.

The bolts of lightning were like mad snakes as they burned the elder down.

After a long time, the flames and lightning finally disappeared. There was only charred coal left on the third disk.

Everyone was horrified all over again.

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