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   Chapter 780 A Dice

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The abyss was like a giant chimney, with all platforms distributed on the same level.

Right now, there were many people standing on the platforms.

The powerful voice came from one side of Zen's platform.

Zen's eyebrows went up as he realized that it was Eddie.

The people from the Cloud Hall became nervous when they saw Eddie.

It could be said that the Cloud Hall and Eddie were at a stalemate because of the sect-protecting array.

They were safe in the Cloud Hall because they had the Small Circulation Killing Array to protect them. If the situation arose that Cloud Hall had to fight Eddie, how would they be able to defend themselves?

Zen laughed coldly at Eddie's words. "What an honor!" he sneered.

The three obese men and the Ancient Tycoon from the World Commercial Alliance appeared in another area along with many elders of the alliance. Zen saw that Xiao was one of them.

Xiao was a warrior who was already old, but had been unable to reach a higher level. Such warriors would be out searching for a lucky chance, hoping to break through and extend their lifespan. After all, a single gamble like this could result in hundreds of years of life. If the worst came to the worst, they would die. If they lived a peaceful life, however, they would also die eventually. This was something that warriors or those who had reached their level didn't want to face.

"Mr. Shi, Mr. Yan, Mr. Mo," Letitia greeted and nodded to the three heads of the World Commercial Alliance.

The Cloud Hall was on good terms with the World Commercial Alliance. What was more, the alliance's Ancient Tycoon had also come this time. If they were to help each other, they wouldn't need to be afraid of Eddie.

The people from the Cloud Hall calmed down when they saw that those from the alliance had arrived.

Soon after, more people came. The leaders and elders of Bloodwood Cliff and Black Mountain Sect also appeared on the platforms.

Amidst all these, there was one strange area with only one platform being occupied, by a middle-aged martial artist who had also reached the Life and Death Realm.

The number of warriors at the Life and Death Realm in the Central Region was small and this person was unknown, causing everyone to look him over, trying to measure him up.

Eddie was also shocked. He felt that this warrior's strength wasn't any weaker than his. So he raised his voice to ask him, "Sir, may I ask which part of Central Region you come from?"

Once the warrior had made it onto the platform, he discovered that there was an unbreakable barrier around him. So he sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes, hoping to rest. Hearing Eddie's voice directed at him, he opened his eyes and looked at Eddie rather sneeringly, "Ho-ho. You're Eddie Cui, the Evil East Lord, the str

m the divine kingdom weren't easy to deal with. Moreover, they weren't targeting only Eddie, but all of the warriors in the Central Region.

But one of them was at the primary level of the Virtual Tribulation Realm, and the other was at the middle level. Why were they so haughty?

Both looked very young, and their skeletal ages probably weren't too old. They were highly talented, but in terms of strength, they were probably not a match for any of the fourth-grade sects present.

As the woman finished talking, several warriors dressed in black appeared beside them. They had surprisingly reached the Life and Death Realm.

Zen shook his head and said, "No wonder they're so confident. It turns out they've got a bunch of warriors at the Life and Death Realm to protect them!"

The black-clothed warriors didn't say a word once they had appeared. It looked like the man and woman were to lead this force.

Those warriors were scaring Eddie too.

The members of the eight forces stood on the platforms surrounding the abyss. They all looked at the last area, which was still empty.

None of them knew that the last area belonged to the Yan family of Iron Salt City. But sadly, the corpses had eliminated the entire Yan Clan.

Everyone present was guessing, looking around, or discussing through their life vitality, wondering what would happen next.

No one could understand why the celestial tomb was designed this way. What was that Immortal Mist trying to do?

Just as everyone was trying to figure things out, a ball of light appeared in the middle of the abyss. The light was like a drop of water that kept twisting and turning, and in the end, became a square. After the square stabilized, milky white and red spots appeared where it had been.

At last, the light turned into a dice, a very common six-sided dice that was used in gambling dens.

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