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   Chapter 778 The Chasm (Part One)

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The cyan dragon possessed such keen eyesight. Taking into consideration the fact that he thought plucking these herbs would not be worth it, Zen didn't think twice about it and headed straight into the center of the herbal garden.

A handful of the elders had been collecting these aforementioned herbs crazily. Imogen and Letitia didn't stop them whatsoever.

The Cloud Hall had its very own garden full of herbs just as well, but these herbs were worlds apart in terms of quality compared to those of the Cloud Hall. These elders appeared as if they were more than willing to put their lives on the line just to set foot inside the Immortal Mist's celestial tomb, because they were so eager to search for their own opportunities, and also, they wanted to receive their own share of benefits. For that very reason, Letitia also permitted all of these elders to harvest these herbs themselves.

In regard to the disciples of the Cloud Hall, each and every single one of them looked as though they were in cloud nine.

The herbs they were picking were regarded as high-level herbs in the Cloud Hall, and every bit of it would be worth a ton of money. The fact of the matter was that the elders at the Virtual Tribulation Realm themselves considered them as high-level herbs as well. So, it should come as no surprise that the disciples at the Internal Elixir Realm gave these herbs so much significance.

Despite the fact that they didn't dare to take the herbs in the middle of the herbal garden like the elders, they were already deeply contented with merely picking the ones which were at the garden's edge.

Zen leisurely walked over to the center of the herbal garden. Everyone among the elders simply cast sideways glances at him without paying him much attention.

Zen tilted his head looking at the ground and scanned the area. The herbal garden had been completely filled with black soil, but at that point in time, he noticed a patch of brown soil that was about the size of a palm just beneath his feet.

"Is this what you refer to as the Swelling Earth?" Zen asked out

elf had been enticing people to visit this place and take away his belongings. Zen couldn't shake off the ominous feeling for he had no clue whatsoever what could be the Immortal Mist's reason for doing it. Regardless of that, since he was already inside anyway, he had not much of a choice but to keep moving forward.

Just a few moments after passing through the herbal garden, everyone came across a huge door. This door in particular was so peculiar—embedded on it were a number of much smaller doors. These doors had been laid out in a row. Giving it a good hard look, Zen counted about forty-five small doors.

"Why would there be so many small doors in it?" With her eyebrows deeply knit, Letitia glanced at the doors.

"We should just all walk into the same door," suggested Saint Morphens.

It would be better to move together as a group when traversing an unfamiliar space. Recklessly moving on your own was strictly forbidden. Saint Morphens' suggestion was the natural course to take.

Letitia was a bit reluctant at first, but she went ahead and swung a small door open. The instant she walked through, the door was shut behind her.

"What just happened?" Zen and Imogen furrowed their eyebrows simultaneously out of surprise.

"Could it be that only one person can enter each door?" Reaching out to push the door, Zen discovered that it wouldn't budge no matter what.

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