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   Chapter 777 Swelling Earth

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Since Letitia had restarted her cultivation nine times and her cultivation base was constantly changing, it was difficult for anyone to gauge her strength.

Many people believed that even if Letitia recovered her power and returned to the Virtual Tribulation Realm, she was still only slightly stronger than Emanuel and Morphens. But now, it looked like she had become more than just a little stronger than them. She could even be a match for a warrior at the Life and Death Realm whenever she became a late-stage Virtual Tribulation Realm warrior.

After getting rid of the demon emperor corpse, Letitia once again led the group forward.

At the same time, the warriors on the other eight paths also continued to advance.

Eddie and the six cloaked independent warriors of the Virtual Tribulation Realm almost crushed the corpses without a word.

The martial practitioners of the Bloodwood Cliff, Black Mountain Sect, and Mysterious Luna Hall had passed through this section of the road safely despite the attacks they had encountered.

The fastest of these nine forces were the martial artists who had come from the divine kingdom. The woman in black and the man beside her didn't make a single move. The warrior behind them rushed forward, a golden bow at the ready, and shot arrow after arrow at the corpses.

These five arrows seemed to have a life of their own, shooting towards the five corpses with a bloodlust that was almost indecent. The strange thing was that after ripping through the heads of the five corpses, the arrows didn't weaken; instead, they devoured the corpses' energy, becoming stronger, and each split into two.

Five arrows turned into ten, shooting towards the other ten corpses. After absorbing the energy of the ten corpses, the ten arrows became twenty, and then forty, eighty, and then a hundred and sixty arrows!

The arrows finished off the corpses in a few seconds. They then merged into one sharp arrow and shot towards the demon emperor that had appeared at last. The arrow went through the demon emperor almost instantly.

If the many warriors in Central Region ever saw the power of this bow, they would be speechless and envious of it.

According to the characteristics of this bow, if they were to engage in a war between sects, this bow was an indefatigable advantage. As one arrow would turn into two, two would turn into four, four would turn into eight, just one arrow would probably be able to kill millions of warriors!

"I've heard a lot about Gong's Transformation Bow. Now I see that its reputation is indeed well-deserved," another Life and Death Realm guard said, impressed by the skills of the warrior whose family name was Gong.

The martial artist who was wielding the bow smiled, and then put the bow away.

The woman in black and man beside her acted as if they hadn't seen what had happened and didn't care about the conversation between the two Life and Death Real

le word etched into the ground: gift.

Zen's eyelids twitched as he saw the word. What did this mean? Etiquette? A gift?

The Mist Celestial Tomb was really strange. It was said to be a dangerous place, but so far the corpses hadn't been so dangerous. Even an ordinary fourth-grade sect could enter it. Besides, who would build their tomb like this? Not to mention, let a bunch of corpses guard it.

However, the elders of Cloud Hall wouldn't consider all this.

'Perhaps I'm overthinking it, ' Zen thought as he walked into the herbal garden. The moment he stepped into it, all sorts of strange and wonderful fragrances wafted towards him.

"How fragrant!" he muttered, looking around. This garden was home to all sorts of strange flowers and herbs. Perhaps because no one had taken care of them for thousands of years, the garden had become messy.

"This is Dragon's Smile," an elder exclaimed in surprise.

"Dreamland Flower. It's really Dreamland Flower!" another elder laughed delightedly.

Meanwhile, Letitia was flying past those strange flowers and plants, but her face was gradually clouded in disappointment. She couldn't find the legendary Flower of Life and Death.

Although these medicinal herbs were expensive, they could only be used as raw material for fifth or sixth-grade medicinal pills. They might not even catch Letitia's attention.

Zen picked a few herbs, but they were all herbs that could stabilize his cultivation. At this, the cyan dragon said, "Zen, the herbs in this garden are all very common, but there is one thing that's very precious."

"What is it?" Zen asked doubtfully. "Aren't the herbs supposed to be the most precious in a herbal garden?"

The cyan dragon chuckled and said, "In the center of the garden is a handful of brown soil. It's valuable. Take it with you."

"A handful of soil?" Zen said incredulously.

"Yes. It isn't ordinary soil, but Swelling Earth," the cyan dragon said nonchalantly.

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