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   Chapter 776 Demon Emperor Corpse

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If they were in the outside world, the strength of these corpses would not have been even close to outstanding.

Even the disciples of Cloud Hall who were at the Internal Elixir Realm could have killed them easily in that case. But after entering the Immortal Mist's celestial tomb, their cultivation bases had been suppressed.

Even though these disciples were at the Internal Elixir Realm and two of them were even at the final stage of that realm, under the suppression, their strength was only equivalent to that of a warrior at the Illuminating Soul Realm, making it difficult for them to deal with such corpses.

In the Martial Arts Contest, Zen, a warrior at the Illuminating Soul Realm, had defeated a divine-level talent at the Internal Elixir Realm.

Therefore, the people of Cloud Hall no longer viewed Zen as a warrior at the Illuminating Soul Realm. But once they had entered the celestial tomb, with everyone's cultivation level suppressed to a certain extent, Zen's strength should have been reduced to a much lower level, and he should not have been able to fight against these corpses.

But just now, Zen had killed these corpses effortlessly right in front of them.

It didn't take an extraordinary intelligence to guess from this fact that Zen was on a par with Emanuel, Saint Morphens, and the other elders.

The disciples were really confused now.

The fact that a warrior at the Illuminating Soul Realm could cross an entire realm to challenge a warrior at the Internal Elixir Realm was a miracle in itself. Zen had accomplished this feat, which meant that he had the talent, the terrifying strength, and the great power to do so.

Although they hadn't believed it initially, they were gradually able to accept it.

Zen had defeated Eden and killed Marilyn all by himself in the Martial Arts Contest. If it hadn't been for Eddie's threat, he wouldn't have had to quit the contest to set up the sect-protecting array for the Cloud Hall. Maybe, if he had progressed forwards, even Brent of the Ethereal Spirit Sect would not have been his match.

Many people were unwilling to admit it, but in the end, they still had to accept it.

However, to surpass two great realms and be comparable to a warrior at the Virtual Tribulation Realm was a bit too much.

"Zen, how did you do it?" one of the disciples asked.

The two elders at the early stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm also looked at Zen, hoping that he would give them the answer.

Zen spread out his hands and smiled slightly. Before they had their answer, his figure suddenly flashed out as he took a step over fifty to sixty feet in space, and once again sent out a sword attack.

Swoosh! Another corpse was struck down by Zen's sword. Its body swayed a little, then it knelt down before Zen and fell to the ground with yet another thud.

Letitia's mysterious ice halberd was equally powerful. Each time she attacked, the cold air her weapon exuded would freeze more than ten corpses. She would then brandish the halberd and rush forward.

Clang clang clang…

She rushed forward once again, and the corpses, like pieces of crystal, were smashed into pieces by her charge. The next moment, the corpses lay in pieces on the ground.

After exterminating the corpses before her, Letitia turned her head, j

delicate figure. It was as if the halberd's weight had increased to a million or even ten million pounds for the demon emperor, but was light as a feather for Letitia.

In the end, the demon emperor corpse finally could not bear the pressure and actually knelt down on one knee. Even in that position, it was still several feet taller than Letitia.

The demon emperor corpse had lost its consciousness and was merely a puppet designed to kill. It was no match for Letitia, but it wasn't aware of that. Under this circumstance, a normal person would have given up, but the demon emperor corpse still used all of its strength to resist the halberd. The strange noises it was making became louder. Its red compound eyes stared at Letitia.

Suddenly, Letitia sneered. Her small hand which was holding the halberd suddenly shrunk towards her body, which then spun in a circle and took the halberd on a spin too, finally hitting the demon emperor corpse from the side.


The demon emperor corpse was sent flying by Letitia's weapon and heavily crashed into a wall not far away.

Frank's eyes lit up at this scene. He had always thought that Letitia was not qualified to become the sect leader. But now that she had exploded forth with her true strength, he was ashamed of himself and believed that his assessment had been wrong.

Not only him, everyone else was also shocked by Letitia's remarkable strength.

Once it had fallen down, Letitia did not give the demon emperor corpse a chance to get up. Her figure flashed again and a snow-white rune appeared in her left eye.

"Absolute Freezing!"

The next moment, a terrifying wave of cold energy burst out from Letitia's body. The celestial tomb, which was originally filled with negative energy, now became so cold that it felt like they all were standing in a cave of ice.

Just as the demon emperor corpse was about to get up, its body suddenly stiffened from the cold and turned into ice. It was frozen in space, halfway through getting up and could not move.


Letitia brandished her halberd, and the demon emperor corpse, just like the other corpses that had been broken into icy pieces before, was smashed into confetti.

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