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   Chapter 775 Kill With One Slash

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Once inside the celestial tomb, the already attentive team raised its vigilance to the maximum. With everyone's cultivation base being suppressed, the psychological pressure on their minds was already quite heavy. And coupled with the waves of cold wind that were blowing in from the other side of the tunnel, the atmosphere became even more oppressive.

It wasn't just that. After all, this was the tomb of an immortal cultivator. Legends said that a person who chose immortality dared to go against nature. Even though he was long dead now, this tomb had been created by himself. There were sure to be layers upon layers of traps.

Most of the Cloud Hall disciples who were at the Internal Elixir Realm followed closely behind the elders. Only by doing so could they find a sense of safety and security. Most of the times, martial practitioners weren't afraid of death, but they were afraid of dying without justice.

Fortunately, Morphens, controlling his puppet, had ordered it to stay at the very front. Up till now, they hadn't encountered any traps, and everyone could see that the puppet was exploring the caves in the front and was unharmed.

But wait! Since that puppet was clearly still fine, why did Imogen just remind everyone to be careful?

Imogen was a Life and Death Realm expert. Even though her cultivation base was suppressed, she was still much stronger than everyone else. Just as she finished speaking, a black shadow suddenly appeared and hopped towards the puppet Morphens was guiding.

Among all the elders of Cloud Hall, Morphens' strength was ranked in the top three. He was second only to Imogen and Letitia and easily on par with Emanuel.

When Morphens had controlled Zen, he had been able to easily deal with a group of disciples of the Elite House even with his nature level cultivation base. His puppet technique had already reached a rather high level, and under Morphens' control, the puppet was as strong as an Internal Elixir Realm practitioner.

When attacked by that pitch-black shadow, Morphens reacted extremely quickly. With one command in his mind, a slender and long sword suddenly appeared in the puppet's right hand!

That wasn't too surprising. Although the puppet, for all intents and purposes, looked exactly like a regular human being, it was still a mere puppet, and the weapon was hidden within its arm without any damage to it.

Once the thin sword jumped into the puppet's hands, it ruthlessly slashed at the black figure in front of it.


The thin sword was comparable to a fairy weapon and sparked as it cut at the black shadow. Somehow, the shadow seemed to be physical and the clang of metals was heard as it collided with the sword.

Only then did everyone notice what the black shadow was.

"It's actually a corpse that has been refined for someone's use!" Morphens remarked with a frown.

The corpse was following someone's orders much like a living being. Corpse refining was a sinister and demonic technique, which could turn a dead body into a strong weapon. The stronger the dead person was in his real life, the stronger his refined corpse would be.

This must have been a signif

ouraged the warrior beside him.

The other disciple nodded in approval. Then, he too drew his sword and together, the two moved forward.

Clank, clank …

The corpses seemed to be completely invulnerable. The disciples could not cause any damages, and all that was left for them to do was flee for their lives.

Fortunately, six Cloud Hall elders had come inside the tomb with them, so even though these elders were busy killing the corpses, there was still a chance for the disciples to survive if the elders protected them.

And they did! Seeing that the disciples could not resist the corpses, two elders came to their rescue and kept them behind their backs to protect them.

"Be careful!" Suddenly, a disciple of Cloud Hall shouted to Zen.

One of the corpses was sneakily rushing towards him from behind his back. The disciples had seen how strong the corpses were. If they could tear the puppet apart with one stroke, then they would easily be able to kill Zen too.

Hearing the shout, Zen turned around immediately and saw a corpse with bared fangs in front of him. Corpses had to go through a lot of procedures during refining, which was why their bodies turned black. The corpse's face was ferocious, its fangs were exposed, and it was about to pounce on Zen.

One of the elders in charge of protecting the Cloud Hall disciples rushed over, planning to take care of the corpse. He was very clear on Zen's position in Cloud Hall and he could not let anything happen to him.

However, before the elder could even make his move, Zen flipped his wrist, and the long sword in his hand was raised horizontally. The tip of the sword trembled with enormous power, and the sword slashed toward the corpse under the force of five hundred dragon scales in his body.

"Flick the sword."


With one slash, the corpse's head was broken into confetti.

Other than Emanuel and Morphens, no one else had been powerful enough to do that; not even an elder like Fernandez. The elder who had come to help Zen was stunned.

The disciples at the level of Internal Elixir Realm were also shocked.

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