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   Chapter 774 The Suppressive Force (Part Two)

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Even Imogen who was at the Life and Death Realm, could only display the might of someone at the preliminary stage of Virtual Tribulation Realm.

A chill was felt by the troop; they feared that the enormous drop in their levels would be like lethal wounds that would soon devour them whole if they were not treated as soon as possible. Strength and cultivation were the most important things to warriors, if their tiers went down by a whole realm, they would not survive the numerous dangers lying dormant inside Mist's celestial tomb.

Struck by indignation and unadulterated dread, they had grown oblivious to Zen, the individual who stuck out like a sore thumb in the pack as he seemed to have no understanding of their qualms.

His cultivation was the lowest in the group. It was only recently that he had reached the seventh level of the Illuminating Soul Realm through aggressive training and hard work. If he had gone through what the others were experiencing at present, he would have been reduced to the seventh grade of the nature level.

Thankfully, it might be by pure, sheer luck that he had not been included in that same case.

Zen stared in astonishment, marveling at his own figure as he compared it to his associates.

He was surprised at the apprehension of the many

as he did not feel anything wrong with his own cultivation base.

He turned around, examining if a comrade was like him when he got distracted by his own space ring. It hummed with a warmth that was almost scalding. He regarded it with a careful touch; It was the space ring Letitia gave him, designed specifically for women so he did not put it on his own hand.

A space ring could not be placed with another one. The risk of causing a backlash upon clashing would cause a space storm inside the rings, thus destroying everything inside. To

ue or way to answer his own conjectures. He sighed, settling instead on the good news that the token permitted him immunity to the taxing suppression.

Zen was at the Illuminating Soul Realm, and had the prowess to vanquish warriors of the Internal Elixir Realm. That signified that in his current standing, he would be able to crush the Virtual Tribulation Realm masters that had been downgraded to the Internal Elixir Realm.

He had the power to battle them here in Mist's celestial tomb.

A faint smirk cracked his lips. This was a secret for him to bear at the moment, as he was with a group from the Cloud Hall.

The team gathered their own bearings upon the initial upset and continued on their journey. They could no longer do anything about their status and could only hope that the experience they had gained from skirmishes and wars would not simply be erased and would help them in facing against peril. Cautiousness lined their steps as they passed through the long corridor, finally arriving at the entrance. They were about to release their defensive stances when a burst of cold wind pushed them back, hearing Imogen's wary voice shouting back in trepidation, "Everyone, be careful! Something is coming!"

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