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   Chapter 773 The Suppressive Force (Part One)

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Nine balls of light floated around Mist's celestial tomb, the luminous glow growing brighter as warriors emerged from each of the other eight balls as well.

The majority of them came from the Central Region, further grounding rampant speculations that the enchanted lamps would eventually fall into the hands of the large sects.

It was not a particular bitter fact to swallow for the small clans and sects. The lamps had no use for people of weak strength, knowing that the top masters from the Central Region would only end up annihilating them in a fight for the fortunes in Mist's celestial tomb. It would have been a plea for their own deaths if they dared to hope for a chance to win against the impenetrable force. They had to make the wiser choice of bargaining the items with the larger sects in exchange for more substantial benefits.

The event this time had the nine powers entering Mist's celestial tomb. The Cloud Hall, World Commercial Alliance, Bloodwood Cliff, Mysterious Luna Hall and Black Mountain Sect had gathered at the place with some independent warriors who had led secluded lives, a select few being masters of the Life and Death Realm.

They made up an overwhelming number of warriors coming from the Central Region, all with an exception of one group.

This unorthodox team traveled far to get to the destination through the space channel. However, their entrance was not seen by the people of the Central Region, who had entered the path to the tomb long before their arrival.

"Eh? Is this Mist's celestial tomb?"

Stumbling out of the portal, a woman dressed in black garbs looked around in wonder and confusion.

"Yes, it is!" A laugh was heard from the handsome man materializing after his companion. He stood proudly, his moderate build straightened in posture while he looked around.

She frowned, her bafflement only running deeper, "Didn't you say that we could only enter when all the lamps light up at the same time?

lding tension as the pressure of the superior power suffocated their own.

No one was left unaffected by its oppression, all the warriors were stuck in experiencing the slow panic welling up from inside of them from the uncertainty of the circumstances.

Whether it was the warriors at the Life and Death Realm, Virtual Tribulation Realm or the Internal Elixir Realm, no one could quell the dominating aura forcing them to submissiveness.

Bits of ice crystals flickered between Letitia's slim fingers, testing out her own abilities with a look of frustration spoiling her features. "My cultivation base has been suppressed by a whole realm, I can only wield strength at the medium stage of Internal Elixir Realm."

It was too much of a damage; she was originally at the medium stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm, but now, she was back at the Internal Elixir Realm. She clenched her fist as the inklings of fear started to manifest through the tremors shaking her slim body. She looked at the rest, sending a mute question of whether they were going through the same experience.

She was decidedly not alone, judging by the distress the horde exhibited. The elders of the Virtual Tribulation Realm such as Fernandez were also doomed to showcase their prowess at a level of the Internal Elixir Realm.

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