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   Chapter 772 Scout The Path

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Of the eight enchanted laps, the warriors of Central Region were only aware of two—one was held by Eddie, and the other was held by the World Commercial Alliance. No one knew who held the other six. Maybe the Bloodwood Cliff had one, maybe the Mysterious Luna Hall, or perhaps the owners did not even reside in the Central Region.

However, no matter who the owners of the other six enchanted lamps were, those who held one hoped that the last enchanted lamp would be lit by tonight.

As the various lamps danced in the sky like tiny, flickering stars, a lone figure stood on a platform at the edge of Cloud Hall.

The lamps were beautiful and elicited a soft sigh from Letitia. The elders of Cloud Hall had already received news the day before that the last enchanted lamp had in fact been at her hands since months ago.

It was a great shock, to say the least. None of the elders ever thought that, after so many years, the final enchanted lamp would actually belong to Cloud Hall.

The Lantern Lighting Festival was a very significant event. Hidden deep within the Immortal Mist's celestial tomb were countless precious treasures that would make any great warrior drool.

These treasures were the primary reason why many warriors had, time and again, gone to the Chaotic Ocean of Stars in hopes of sneaking into the celestial tomb. Hundreds of thousands of warriors ventured forth, but none of them ever succeeded in even getting a glimpse of the treasures that the celestial tomb housed.

It was said that the only way to get inside was to light all the nine enchanted lamps.

However, a lot of people thought it couldn't just be as simple as that, so a lot of conspiracy theories had been circulating all around Central Region.

Some people believed that the whole thing was a trap. Why would Immortal Mist leave behind nine enchanted lamps to make it easier for outsiders to enter his tomb?

It was highly suspect, even for Zen.

However, the mind of a warrior would never be deterred by just mere conspiracy. An opportunity always came with risk, and a timid warrior, unwilling to face that risk, would simply never grow.

After finding out that the last enchanted lamp had been with Letitia all this time, six elders of Cloud Hall had then banded together and decided to enter the celestial tomb, all for different reasons.

For Emanuel, his tyrannical strength and relatively young age made it a given that he was pursuing a greater opportunity in the celestial tomb.

For Elder Fernandez, who was already very old, he was also pursuing a great opportunity that would hopefully lead to a breakthrough or else he would reach the end of his lifespan and die.

Venturing to the celestial tomb was a great gamble for the realiza


A huge beast comparable to a warrior at the Life and Death Realm…The Chaotic Ocean of stars was truly chaotic.

For those in the Central Region, the Chaotic Ocean of Stars was like a forbidden area. It was seemingly wide, where all kinds of ferocious beasts and creatures lived, numbering at around tens of thousands more than the entirety of creatures in the Central Region.

It was even said that in the depths of the sea were a few races, tribes, and even entire countries that had adapted and flourished.

"It's fortunate that there's an enchanted barrier outside Immortal Mist's celestial tomb," Zen remarked. Even the Chaotic Ocean of Stars wasn't something he could imagine.

Imogen, Emanuel, Elder Fernandez, Saint Morphens, and the others all left the spatial passageway.

They had discovered that they were actually at the edge of the celestial tomb. In front of them was a long and narrow path while around them was an enchanted barrier that held back the endless seawater.

"There's only one entrance," Saint Morphens said, standing in front of the passageway. It was then that he took out a "man" from his space ring.

This man was no different from an ordinary warrior. However, there was no expression in his eyes. Though his skin and appearance were exquisite, his eyes were that of a dead man.

The man then suddenly ran into the passageway at an extremely fast speed.

"It's a puppet!"

This was Saint Morphens' puppet technique. Zen's eyes twitched as he remembered when he had just entered Cloud Hall, he had been manipulated by Saint Morphens for a very long time.

The puppet was extremely useful for scouting the path to see if there were any hidden dangers or traps.

Everyone waited for a bit before Saint Morphens nodded, "There are no dangers in this corridor. We can go in now."

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