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   Chapter 770 I Will Spare Your Life

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'What a pity, ' Zen thought. He then said to Felix through his life vitality, "Felix, you're too slow."

Felix was also vexed. He had been hiding in the Cloud Hall, waiting for Zen's orders to activate the Mad Trap to carefully surround Eddie, and then activate the Thunder Wrath.

The Mad Trap was said to be half magic array and half killing array. Once Eddie was caught in it, he would fall into endless illusions. And then, the lightning from the Thunder Wrath would be able to hit him directly.

But Eddie was sensitive enough to be the first to sense the killing intent, rushing out of the Mad Trap and dodging the Thunder Wrath's lightning.

A runic expert at the Internal Elixir Realm and a warrior at the Illuminating Soul Realm had conspired to kill the strongest man in the Central Region. If word of this got out, it would cause chaos.

Even worse, they had almost done it.

It could be that the Mad Trap could not kill Eddie and the Thunder Wrath could only heavily injure him. But the warriors of the Virtual Tribulation Realm in the Cloud Hall couldn't be underestimated. They were weak in the eyes of the warriors at the Life and Death Realm, but if they attacked Eddie together, they could cause him some serious injuries and ensure that he could not fight back.

Moreover, Cloud Hall also had a powerful head Letitia, and Imogen, who belonged to the Life and Death Realm.

The elders, who had been scared witless by Eddie a while ago, looked pityingly at him.

Even Imogen, who had her poker face on, was filled with regret.

Letitia was sitting on the Mysterious Ice halberd, her white, slender legs slightly swinging. She pouted but didn't say anything.

Eddie had so far absorbed the good luck of a countless number of people. Killing him would not be so easy.

Eddie's heart was still beating intensely after he had distanced himself from the Cloud Hall, proving his strength and power. It was not until he had avoided the Cloud Hall's sect-protecting array that he began to feel a lingering sense of fear.

If he was truly trapped, and the Cloud Hall's members pounced on him, he would probably die. This was something that Eddie had never expected.

He had been a mass murderer and grew up tenaciously in all sorts of dangerous situations. He had encountered countless dangers, but ever since he had crossed the line between life and death, nobody had ever made him feel so close to death.

From the very beginning of the battle, that hateful boy Zen had been standing at the edge of the enchanted barrier, looking at him with an indifferent gaze.

This boy was really tricky.

He had just reached

s of killing too many people would be troublesome because he would get infected with heavy malicious aura, and he would then have to spend time getting rid of it.

Only after he had destroyed the walls did he leave, satisfied.

After Eddie left, lines of wrinkles appeared slowly on Imogen's young face. Soon after, her hair gradually turned white and her waist bent over. She looked old and clumsy again.

Letitia floated over to her, grabbing her arm and said with a giggle, "Master, how beautiful you were just a moment ago."

"Don't make fun of me!" Imogen said, rolling her eyes. She had mastered the Law of Life, so her life vitality had been able to return her to youth. She could also use more life vitality to stay young, but there was no need for that.

The Cloud Hall's atmosphere gradually relaxed. Having dealt with Eddie, the heavy burden in their hearts had finally dissipated.

When the elders had appeared, the disciples of the Cloud Hall had also been secretly watching. Seeing Zen standing under the barrier and not dodging Eddie's attacks, they all sighed admiringly.

"What's so special about this? The barrier is strong. Zen just hid behind it! It was not dangerous at all!" An unimpressed disciple of the Cloud Hall said.

"First of all, the barrier is equipped with the runes that Zen has drawn. And second of all, even if Eddie were to try again, I bet you wouldn't dare to go there and face him!" another disciple of the Cloud Hall retorted.

The first disciple immediately fell silent. Even though they knew there was no danger, not everyone was courageous enough to face Eddie. Similarly, some people were afraid of heights. They didn't dare to go up or down a flight of stairs even though they knew it wasn't dangerous.

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