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   Chapter 769 Danger (Part Two)

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From the moment he successfully made it through the Life and Death Realm, every sect in the Central Region, regardless of size, were all dying to suck up to him or act so respectful. Even the fifth-grade sect itself, the Ethereal Spirit Sect which he hadn't been on good terms with couldn't ever dare to displease him.

The kid acting a bit high and mighty in front of him was truly so peculiar!

In reality, the only thing he did was throw a single punch. There was no way a minor hiccup like that could make Eddie give up that easily. He had gone through the lengths of coming all the way to the Cloud Hall completely dead set on annihilating every single one of its members, and he wouldn't just call it a day because of a stupid sect-protecting array.

For his second attempt, Eddie unsheathed the Nameless Saber from the scabbard he had tied to his waist.

Eden had not come up to scratch in bringing out the full potential of the Nameless Saber. And the main cause of that was that he had been beaten by Zen. From that event, Eddie had learned something. A man had to carve out his own path to the success of martial arts through his own power. Even if his son had been blessed with the divine-level talent, he would still have to get nourished and improved with his own two hands. The strength acquired by means of getting help from other people couldn't, in any way, be considered as the real strength.

In his hands, Eddie had a tight grip on the Nameless Saber. The air around him had shifted. Before that, Eddie had given off the aura that made people think he was truly as massive as a mountain. But the moment he pulled out the Nameless Saber, his appearance became sharp and he flared with such radiance, making it look as though he had become one with the saber.

When they sensed the aura Eddie was exuding, every single one of the Virtual Tribulation Realm elders felt ill at ease.

The sect-protecting array might have fortunately been able to block

. And the true reason for that was, it was quite hard to meet someone in the Central region who could pose a threat to his life.

But in that brief second, he surprisingly felt an ominous sense of danger.

Subconsciously, he rushed to get away from his current location, and only then was he able to notice a cloud of mist with mystifying colors coming toward him.

As luck would have it, Eddie was able to move quickly, and he had gotten out before the cloud of smoke surrounded him completely.

In an instant, a bolt of lightning with the size of a dragon appeared and was about to strike him.


As a result, the dragon-like lightning bolt only brushed against Eddie's side. It failed to hit the intended target.

Having said that, Eddie was able to sense the power contained within that attack. Had he been struck by it, even though he might not have died, he would certainly end up in a critical condition! In addition to that puzzling mist, a terrible idea abruptly came to Eddie--the Cloud Hall's sect-protecting array was completely capable of obliterating him.

This was something Eddie found quite so hard to accept. But at that moment, if it weren't for his swift movement and his ability to sense danger, it was for certain that he would have ended up in such a problematic situation!

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